Thursday, November 13, 2008

What social services need are more right wingers

If there is one thing you can be sure of in the case of Baby P it is that the hand-wringing liberals will leave no stone unturned as they investigate the processes, procedures and checkpoints in their quest to discover how it is a 2 year old child can be slowly tortured to death over a period of 8 months while being monitored twice a week by social services.

No expense spared either. Consultants, counsellors and all sorts of social scientists with dozens of letters after their name will be asked to provide input - at very lucrative rates, of course. There will be a very thorough and exhaustive investigation which will, ultimately, make no difference whatsoever.

You see, the one thing they will not consider is that maybe it's not the system that is failing but the people who use it.

Social services is dominated by left wing cultural Marxists - the politically correct. To paraphrase Sir William Macpherson, the social services are institutionally leftist. As David Cameron and Gordon Brown stand accused of playing politics with the case of Baby P - which, as politicians, is exactly what they should be doing - the MSM ignore the fact that social services playing politics is the reason why the child is dead in the first place.

Our social services - along with the civil service - should be apolitical, but as long as they continue to recruit through the pages of the Grauniad and other socialist media they will continue to be staffed almost entirely by liberal progressives.

Instead of making sure they are spot on with their diversity programmes - the right number of black, Asian, gay, disabled, women etc - they should be making sure that they have a balance of employees from the left and right of politics - particularly in the senior positions.

Politics is what politicians do. Brown and Cameron should be arguing about whether or not the death of a child is the result of political attitude - because it is. Baby P was killed by institutional leftism. You are not going to stop that by changing the processes and procedures of social services - only by changing the groupthink mindset.


TheFatBigot said...

Nice point Mr Stan.

It makes me want to scream when I hear these social work types defending their own incompetence - it's all "holistic" this, "multi-agency" that "disadvantaged" the other. A half-blind tortoise could see that some people are just scum. Not a nice thing to say, but a harsh, unpalatable, judgmental fact which needs to be recognised and acted on. It won't be, there will just be more committees, more forms and new jargon. And then it will be Baby Q then Baby R and then ...

spqr said...

Cultural marxists are the AIDS of western civilisation.
The body dies because of opportunistic infections on the weakened immune system.
Lowlife criminal scum, and islamic supremacists (both violent & moderate sharia seeking varieties) are just two analogous examples of this mode of infection, that under normal circumstances would be easily dealt with.
But currently we are not in a healthy state.
Will we ever recover?