Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Desperate Dave

Cameron is starting to sound increasingly desperate as Brown nibbles away at his poll lead.

He called for an election so voters could stop a "fundamentally bad decision" being made which would leave the UK in a "dreadful" situation.

Yeah, right, Dave! Just supposing Brown did call an election and the Tories won - then what? Cameron has been leader of the Conservative Party for three years and the only policy we actually knew anything about in that time was his promise to match Labour's spending plans - the one he has now ditched.

So it's hardly surprising that the voters are a tad sceptical about the Cameroons and are, apparently, more confident in the current Chancellor and PM to steer the good ship Britain through an economic storm than they are Cameron and Osborne. What a damning indictment of the Tory Party that is! The people of Britain would rather trust the idiots that got us into this shit in the first place than turn to the traditional party of sound economic policy!

Go figure. The Tories should be making hay right now. They should have a 20 point lead in the polls while the PM and his puppet Chancellor squirm around like worms on a hook - but they aren't. Instead it is the Tories who are treading water while Brown runs rings around them. How pathetic is that? Labour steer us into the worst economic crisis for 60 years - one which many people had seen coming and predicted would be profound and long-lasting and Cameron's Conservatives can't get any political capital out of that whatsoever!

At least previous leaders of the Tory Party - Hague, IDS, Howard -could claim they had to contend with a biased and vindictive media while they were leader. Cameron can't even make that claim as the media have not only given him pretty much a free ride, they've been ripping his opponent to pieces like Rottweilers tearing at a soft toy for the last 6-9 months.

Tories - wake up and smell the coffee. You are not going to win anything by being more progressive than the progressives. Look at the name of your party - the Conservatives - and think what that means. What does it mean to be a conservative? Do you really think it means radical progressive ideological jumps into the unknown?

If you do then your party is truly finished.


Anonymous said...

Stan, what's the point of tipping the nod to Labour on Tory policies until an election is called?

Gordoom and Badger will only nick the policies for their own but make a complete horlicks of the implementation.

No, best to keep the powder dry for when Gordoom does finally show some courage.

Stan said...

Sorry, Henry - but I don't buy that. Let's assume that the Tories DO have some policies but are unwilling to reveal them in case Labour nick them - what does that say about those policies? It says that if they are progressive enough to be attractive to Labour then they are not conservative enough to be proper Conservative policies. If you are saying that the only difference between the two parties is in how they implement the progressive ideology then I agree with you and that is why I am so suspicious and disillusioned with the Cameron Conservatives. Ultimately it will not matter who wins the next election - Brown or Cameron - because we will still be governed by people who follow the liberal progressive ideology and that is the whole, stinking problem with this country!

North Northwester said...

Yep - 'What he said, with bells on' isn't much of a slogan to bring down this awful government.

There's so much to hate about Nu-Labour Britain, an so many people who would love to see much of it go: the savage life of benefits-only estate life; crime; unlimited immigration at everyone else's cost(including existing and established immigrants); the profligacy of spewing high taxes at unreformed public services;the desolation of classrooms run by the underclass and Marxist LEAs.

These are the real issues of day-to-day life that true-blue Conservatives could use to wipe the floor with labour, and the Left-wing media's attempts to slander, libel, and misrepresent thye Tories with will only make the scared and vulnerable decent people feel keener to have the Tories in.

They won't do all this, of course; too right-wing. But give them another five years in the wilderness, and something may occur.

if we're not the second westernmost gau or departement of the fourth Empire by then, or Britistan.