Tuesday, December 09, 2008

That'll learn 'em!


Judge Wendy Joseph QC sentenced Denton to an indeterminate term of detention for public protection and told him: 'You had power over the others.

'The pre-sentence report points to motives of revenge, sexual gratification and exercising a power over both your victim and your gang.

'Accordingly I sentence you to detention for public protection.'

Judge Joseph ordered him to serve at least three years and eight months before he can be considered for release.

Wow - three years AND eight months just for organising and carrying out a gang rape on a young girl. Lucky he didn't kill her - he might have had to do a whole four years or something.

Ibrahim received an identical term to Denton; Raymond received nine years in a young offenders' institution; Ryan was given eight years in a young offenders institution while Bartle, Vanderpuije and Brown were all locked up for six years.

Of course, none of them will actually serve those terms, they'll all be out and about before five years are up just you wait and see. Is it really a surprise that kids are more and more likely to commit more and more despicable crimes like this when the punishment is so trivial in comparison to the crime - even assuming you are actually caught which is far from being a far gone conclusion?

I don't think so.

NuLabour - tough on crime? Tough on the victims of crime.

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