Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kings of comedy

I like the Lib-Dems - because they always make me laugh.

Honestly, there are more guffaws in a Lib-Dem policy statement than a whole series of Little Britain (not that that is saying much). Celebrating his year of success as leader of the most left wing of our three left wing mainstream parties, Cleggy thinks he's tapped into the things that really matter to people with hard times forecast.

On the first anniversary of his election as leader, Mr Clegg said his party had taken the lead on the economy and other key issues affecting the UK.

Yay! Good old Cleggy. And what are these "key issues"?

He told the BBC that his party was focused on practical help for people most at need rather than squabbling over questions such as how much the government should borrow to support the economy.

Good! Good! Practical help is exactly what people are looking for - and what practical help are you offering?

The Lib Dem proposals would include a five-year plan to insulate every school and hospital, subsidies for home energy efficiency, 40,000 new zero-carbon homes, improvements to rail lines and 700 new train carriages.

See - I told you it was funny! I'm sure there are millions of people looking at the dire state of their bank balance, worrying whether they'll still have a job in the new year and wondering "if only we could insulate our schools and hospitals we'd be OK".

I'm sure there are hundreds of small business owners struggling with cash flow as customers hold on to their cash as long as possible who are thinking "if only the government would build more zero-carbon homes our cash flow problems would be solved".

And I'm sure there are thousands of people on the brink of repossession just wishing that we had some shiny new train carriages to solve their problems.

It's a travesty that the Lib-Dems don't get the recognition they deserve. So I'm nominating them for next years "Comedy Awards".


Tractor Stats said...

How do they justify taking MPs wages when they seem to be a total irrelevance. I really don't understand this so called democracy thing.

bernard said...

"shiny new train carriages..."

Quite right too. I'd hate to throw a Liberal under a dirty old one...

will said...

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