Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just as you thought this country couldn't get any sicker ....

.... it does.

The liberals will call people like me "reactionary" because I consider this indicative of a seriously sick society. The irony of that is liberals will try to pass this off as an aberration and seek to "understand" how this aberration could have happened in the utopia they've created - at the same time they'll be mad with reactionary rage and indignant fury at, for example, a mother who doesn't want her child to be adopted by a couple of gay men.

Eleven year olds killing each other? Nothing to worry about say the libs.

Mothers who worry about who is adopting their kids. A filthy disgrace they yell!

I've had enough of these slime sucking scumbags running my country into the ground - and these people infest ALL our major political parties. Don't think the Tories are any different - they are just the same. Get rid of the lot of them.

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dickiebo said...

"Get rid of the lot of 'em!"
I'll second that. Wholeheartedly!