Monday, April 06, 2009

Wrong target

Teachers leaders are calling (again) for faith schools to be closed because they are "divisive".

Leaders of the National Union of Teachers are expected to support a long-term drive to create a wholly secular school system when they convene for their annual Easter conference in Cardiff this week.

They want to get rid of them and Christian assemblies as they "undermine community cohesion".


There have been faith schools in this country for as long as there has been education - the first schools were set up by the church - and in the hundreds of years that they existed they have never undermined community cohesion before - so why now?

It's not the fact that there are faith based schools that causes the problem - it is the left wing doctrine, multiculturalism and drippy liberal progressive teaching that does. It's not faith we want to kick out of schools - it's left wing ideology.


dickiebo said...

So true - and so bloody obvious!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear, Stan!

My children attend a Catholic school, and you woulnd't believe the bureaucratic hoops they have to go through for funding.

Pound to a barrel of pigshit non-Christian faith schools have the same problem...the government bends over backwards to accommodate them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even religious, never have been, but I find myself sympathizing with the Christian community more and more with each passing week. The paragons of virtue (the liberal lefties) again preach tolerance, but have no problem in spewing hatred at Christianity.

Why is this?