Saturday, April 11, 2009

A victory for rigtht wing bloggers, but .....

Congratulations to Guido Fawkes for exposing the disgusting Labour smear campaign against the Tories. It's not a world I inhabit, but a glimpse at the Wikipedia page of one of the main protagonists - Derek Draper who runs the now utterly discredited Labour List - reveals the sordid, incestuous little pond that is left wing politics.

It's an interesting insight into the way the left wing has come to dominate the media - particularly broadcast media - and have virtually closed off that arena to the right, but that's not anything new to most of us. What it does reveal is just how limited the right is when it comes to the media and how important the blogosphere has become to the right.

It also reveals the truth about the left which likes to portray itself as being morally superior to the right. It isn't - it is and always has been quite happy to use every dirty, filthy trick it can to win power and maintain it. So it's not really a surprise to me that barely four months after it was launched, the lefts most prominent blog has resorted to this sort of underhand behaviour.

What does surprise me is this comment from Nadine Dorries as carried by the Telegraph.

Nadine Dorries, MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said: “I know what is in the email about me and it is 100 per cent untrue and slanderous. I want an apology from Gordon Brown because one of his civil servants, paid for by taxpayers’ money, has been trying to destroy me.

What I want to know is why the taxpayer is paying for someone employed by the Labour Party to promote the Labour Party? This is one of my biggest concerns about British politics - that unelected people are working for the government in blatantly partisan ways and are paid for by the taxpayer.

Personally, I don't believe this should be permitted. Outside of the civil service - the proper, impartial civil service - there should be nobody working for government who is not elected. Of course the Labour Party can have people working for them - paid for by the Labour Party and based at the Labour Party headquarters - but not for government unless they are elected (or members of the House of Lords).

This makes a nonsense of the whole "democracy" thing when people who have not been elected can have such a major role in government. It's not right and it needs to stop.


tally said...

If the National press had taken notice of the NE referenum on a regional assembly in 2004, they would have noticed the yes campaign's negative campaign of disparaging English people in the South of England as braying hooray henry ignorant arrogant toffs.The No campaigners were depicted as racist sexist little Englanders.
This campaign was backed by New Labour and the scottish dominated lib/dems and the welsh dominated Church of England.I'll be glad to see the back of all of them.

dickiebo said...

Nicely summed-up, Ranter.

North Northwester said...

The Political Class in all its corrupt filth.
There's just one thing...

Over there at EU referendum, it's being pointed out that Guido's victory (and good on him for it) doesn't look like so much when you compare who else is getting yeah many hits. Every day.

Also, bloggers just aren't getting the coverage that the MSM are still generating for their collectivist, victim-generating garbage. So they still rule the roost.

We may have a little way to go, and in the meantime, the bathtubs of Northern England are no doubt dotted, here and there, with interesting compounds intended to bring the faithful and infidel alike together to meet their Maker.

We may still have a way to go.
If we live.

Anonymous said...

Left wing blogs are so boring, perhaps because they are supported by the Labour Government. Did you know that Antonia Bance, the Labour Councillor and Oxfam's Campaigns manager on UK poverty, was invited by the Department for Communities and Local Government on a three-day, all expenses-paid conference in Budapest on the finer points of blogging - the keeping of Internet diaries. She received a £500 bursary to go on the trip, which was attended by “several hundred” other left-wing bloggers. The total cost of the jaunt, which was held at the luxurious five-star Hotel Intercontinental on the banks of the River Danube, was £300,000.

Stan said...

To be honest, NNW - I don't see what point EU Referendum is making.
My point is that the left dominate the media and therefore what is disseminated to the people. The internet is only relevant to people who actively go looking for particular content whereas traditional media manages to reach people whatever they are looking for.

The BNP site is the most popular political site because they get no media coverage. What would be the point of visiting the Labour or Conservative web sites when we see them and hear from them every day in detail through traditional media?

So, although this might seem like a victory for right wing bloggers - and it is - it is a very small victory and, to be brutally frank, largely irrelevant outside of the political world. People - real people - don't really give a toss about what McBride and his seedy little chums are up to - they are worrying about their jobs, their homes, paying the bills and so on.

It'll be forgotten outside of the blogosphere in a week - month at most. What I believe is necessary is for the right to find ways to penetrate the traditional media. Our traditional right wing newspapers - The Times and The Telegraph - have moved to the left. All journalists follow the same path into journalism - and pick up the tired left wing world view on the way.

The blogosphere is all we have at the moment and it is dominated by the right because the right have no other channel for their views - but they are largely preaching to the converted. The left OWN the traditional media and, with that, they can reach people far better than the right can.

TheFatBigot said...
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TheFatBigot said...

It might well be that increased visits to the BNP website are a consequence of government ministers referring to the BNP constantly in order to try to create a big scary monster from which only Labour can save the humble serfs.

The BNP is an utter irrelevance. Its message of "send the darkies home" is ethically and practically absurd. They will get some votes and some councillors, they might even get an MEP if the government continues to give them free publicity, but they are a backwater reserved for the naive and the nasty.

The naive and nasty will always be with us. We've always had to live with them and will continue to do so. Whether they label themselves BNP or Socialist Workers for Massacring Toffs, they are a tiny fringe and will remain so without the oxygen of publicity. Tell the people "you might not like us, but by God you're going to hate this lot" just strengthens the lunatic fringe because they become a legitimate anti-government vote when previously they the reserve of only a few nutters.

Stan said...

Forget the BNP - I only mentioned them as the EU Referendum site referred to them as one of the top political web sites - the trouble is, without the oxygen of publicity the right becomes an irrelevance as well.

The blogosphere is all we have - and it is useful - but it is reliant on people coming looking for right wing political opinion.

The left dominate the media and can reach everyone regardless of what they are looking for. It's not just done through political channels - it reaches people through all sorts of directions - comedy, film, documentary, cartoons, music - as well as through political commentary and opinion. You can spend your life never going anywhere near anything that has the merest hint of political opinion but you'll still get that left wing worldview thrust upon you. Whether we like it or not, that forms the opinions of voters and therefore the forms the makeup of our parliament.

Left wing views in the media are frequently referred to as a "given" without any evidence to support them and without any reference to alternative viewpoints. It is only when it becomes apparent - no, OBVIOUS - to the electorate that this left wing world view is flawed that the right wing view starts to get any mention - and even then it's reluctantly. By then, whatever it is that is a concern is usually well and truly broken.