Saturday, May 16, 2009


There's been a lot of praise for Cameron in the press and in the blogosphere regarding his "leadership" during this expenses scandal.

Let's get something straight here.

Cameron, like Brown, has known for months that MPs expenses were to be published but was expecting that to be in July - and only after much of them had been redacted (covered up). At no time during this period has Cameron made any significant statement regarding these expenses - far from it, lots of people have remarked how odd it was that the Tories were silent on this issue ..... until the Telegraph published.

Only then did he come out of his shell and say or do anything.

All he has done is followed a lead by the Telegraph and only then after his hand was forced.

That is NOT leadership - that is reactionary posturing.


David Vance said...

Agreed but we live in the era of posing and preening. I also think that it's only because Labour is SO atrocious that Cameron gets away with it.

Stan said...

Absolutely - and I think there is something of a culture in the media to promote Cameron as the true heir to Blair. Which, of course, he is - in as much as he is just as vacuous, utterly lacking in principle, totally populist and opportunist.

Lawrence said...

I'm ambivalent with regards to Cameron; we shall have to wait and see if he's of any substance. His constant prattling about "green issues" and climate change does irritate me considerably.