Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ranting Stan's Sunday Drive: Jaguar XK140

I've got to admit that I've ummed and ahhed about this choice. The reason for that is that, when it comes to the post-war Jaguar XK range most people prefer the XK140's predecessor - the XK120.

However, I've always thought the XK140 was not only the prettier car it was also the car that seemed to best reflect that golden age of Hollywood glamour from the fifties. I suspect that is partly due to this ad from the nineties featuring the XK140, a pretty blonde, a broken fan belt, a pair of stockings and a Doris Day soundtrack.

Nevertheless, the XK140 perfectly demonstrates the glamour of that era but underneath that pretty exterior it shouldn't be forgotten that the XK140 was a cat with bite. A 120 mph top speed and sub 9 seconds 0-60 time ensured the Jaguar had a performance to match it's gorgeous looks even if drum brakes all round meant it had a little trouble bringing that grace and power to a stop.

Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to either drive or be driven in the XK140 - and I suspect I never will - but if do I hope it's along some dramatic coastline with a Hollywood starlet by my side and Doris Day singing "Move Over Darling" on the radio. I don't think I'd mind even if the car did break down.
By the way - sorry I couldn't find a better pic. I wanted an XK140 that was right hand drive, a DHC with the top down, had the wire wheels, white and in a nice setting. I got most of those apart from the colour and the setting. The BRG is nice, but sorry about the drab brick wall back drop.

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