Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Making the BNP "acceptable"

So it appears that the establishment are going to force the BNP to accept non-white members.

In a letter from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, was told that he had less than a month to provide written undertakings that the party would abide by race relations legislation.

That in itself is a very telling paragraph - it tells you where true power lies in this country (and it is not within government) - but I also wonder what the result of such a decision would mean for the BNP. They may be forced to change their constitution to accept non-white members, but that doesn't mean they will change their policies.

And with the removal of the one barrier - the charge of racism - that prevents many people from joining, supporting or voting for the BNP it could actually result in a surge of support for the "far right" party, but is unlikely to result in a surge in membership applications from non-whites (even though I know one or two Sikhs who would join in an instant).

Personally, I've always considered the BNP decision to limit membership to whites self-defeating - they can restrict who joins simply by policy just like the Tory, Labour and Libdem parties can (and do). Equally, I think this decision by the (absurdly titled) Equality and Human Rights Commission just as self-defeating. The EHRC seem to forget that the Black Panthers were also a group who restricted membership based on ethnicity and, while they did so, were treated as pariahs. As soon as they were forced to open up their membership they became mainstream and are now lauded and celebrated by the left even though their fundamental principles never changed.


Anonymous said...

As usual we only hear the loudest voices but your point about knowing two Sikhs who would join isn't nonsense. There are plenty of people from ethnic minorities (visible and invisible) who are worried about the future if uncontrolled immigration isn't stopped, if the thousands of illegals aren't dealt with and the rise of fundamental Islam isn't checked. You may have dealt with this elsewhere but as long as there is a Black Police Association, funded by the taxpayer or not, that excludes people from full membeship if they do not fit the definition of 'black' then the BNP must surely be safe from any legislation or attempts such as this.

Anonymous said...

Taken to the extreme, surely in the name of equality I should be allowed to join the Black Police Association even if I'm not a police officer, let alone black?

dickiebo said...

Are you trying to make yourself unpopular? Tut, tut! Please do nor speak the truth in this great country!