Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No hope

The progressives have won.

When I started writing this blog I had no illusions about changing the world. It was just a way for me to vent my spleen on the issues that frustrate, annoy and infuriate me. It wasn’t even started as a political blog although it’s fair to say that most of the things that do frustrate, annoy and infuriate me are related to politics in some way or another.

Another reason for starting it was the dearth of conservative opinion – political, social and moral – that was available outside of the USA. A lot of that was due to the fact that I was unaware of the many right wing blogs and opinion sites that actually already existed and which, since I started blogging, I’ve become aware of – but my point remains valid. If I, as a non-blogger, wasn’t aware of these other viewpoints on the web then you can bet there is a substantial number of other people out there who remain in ignorance of their existence.

I’ve now been blogging for almost three years and – even though blogs come and go - if anything, I should feel encouraged by the number of "right wing" blogs that now abound. But I’m not. If anything I’m convinced more than ever that this country is finished as a political and economic force -and quite probably as an entity in its own right.

The truth is that conservatism as a movement is finished in this country. It does not exist in any meaningful way. Most of the so-called "conservative" blogs that I come across consist of little other than "free trade" capitalism and "do anything you wanna" libertinism. Even though most of them seem to be concerned by the moral and social collapse of our society they still to continue to support the social liberalism which has brought about this collapse.

The understanding of the word "tolerance" has slowly moved from meaning "put up with" to "acceptable within reason" and on to its current meaning which is something like "consider as valid and desirable as anything else".

There is no conservative movement in Britain. There are numerous "conservative" factions, but on the whole these are all social liberal and, therefore progressive and leftist. Consequently, I believe there is no hope for Britain in the short to medium term. We will have to go through the complete collapse of everything we know and hold dear before there is any change.

Even though I detect a sea change in the opinion of the next generation - where a real social and moral conservatism is started to take root - I don't think it will come in time to save our nation. The best I can hope for is the emergence of a strong England nation from the ashes of demoralised and dilapidated Britain, but that will take a monumental effort by future generations.

For now, though, the war is over. The progressives have won. We, the conservatives, are defeated, demoralised and utterly beaten. There is no one standing up for us now. The progressives will roll out their "reforms" of parliament with which they will hammer in the last nails into the coffin of conservatism. Centuries of slow evolution will be destroyed with a stroke of a pen and, with it, the last vestiges of our defence against progressivism will be removed.

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staybryte said...

Don't give up Stan.