Thursday, June 25, 2009

New police tactic reaps rewards

Gloucestershire has seen a stunning drop in crime with figures plunging to a 20 year low. What lies behind this remarkable turnaround?

Is it new forensic advances? No.
Is it due to a change in police tactics? No.
Better intelligence and improved informant networks?
Improvements in technology? No.

What then?

The Johnson family was a ruthless gang of travellers who carried out countless crimes over two decades, from cash machine raids to sheet metal thefts.

Yep - the tactic is locking up do-as-you-likeys.

It was down to the arrest and imprisonment of one - just one - group of "travellers" .Now these are not to be confused with proper gypsies who are both rare and actually inclined to travel around the country rather than set up long term "camps" - a euphemism for semi-permanent home sites and building structures erected without permission often on land which is owned by someone else.

No, these travellers are what we used to call tinkers or - before it became politically incorrect to do so - pikeys. When I was a lad they well known as trouble-makers and the police were well aware and not adverse to telling you that when the pikeys were around crime would shoot up.

But thanks to decades of political correctness and "diversity" awareness indoctrination we have been forced to accept that these "travellers" are just exercising their right to live an alternate lifestyle which is just as valid and desirable as any other.

The fact that they live beyond the law, pay no taxes, dump their filth where ever they want and show absolutely no respect for authority or the rights of you and I while making full use of the "rights" afforded them by the very laws they ignore means nothing to the stupid liberal do-gooders who force us to accept pikeys into our communities - where they are then free to launch their crime sprees with little from the law to deter them.

Still, there is some benefit to having these travellers stay - if you're a car dealer who specialises in expensive 4x4 vehicles, a commercial vehicle dealer or a luxury caravan salesman - because their "camps" seem to have a proliferation of relatively new items of these types.


JPT said...

They lock up criminals and crime falls - well I never!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile over in Wiltshire the lefty twats running the force hold a party for the thieving gipsy bastards (or TGB Community) in theg rounds of their HQ! Mental!