Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Suicide cult

You've got to wonder about the mental state of this current crop of MPs.

Having been revealed as being mostly a bunch of money-grubbing fraudsters they've now replaced the discredited Speaker - Gorbals Mick - with the person the public least wanted to see there - John Bercow.

The Labour supporters would have been happy to see Beckett get the job. Tory voters wouldn't have minded if it had been Young or Widdecombe - nobody I know wanted Bercow to get it. Labour supporters think he is an unreformed right winger, while Tory voters wonder why he just doesn't go the whole hog and defect to the Labour party anyway seeing how he makes Tony Benn look like a raving neocon.

Talking of which, doesn't it strike anybody else as odd that someone as radically progressive as Bercow can find a home in the Tory party? It's one thing to have a mole in your ranks, but it's something else entirely to leave him there when you know damn well that he supports the other side. It's a bit like making Kim Philby head of MI5 AFTER finding out that he is a commie traitor. If anything, the fact that Bercow remains in the Tory party tells you more about how "conservative" the Tory party is today than anything Cameron says or does.

Anyway, the only message this sends to the people is that, really, the MPs don't give a monkey's what we think and that they are going to do what they want, how they want, when they want. Nothing new about that - that's been the way of politics for decades - only this time there is a serious mood of rebellion amongst the electorate.

No, I don't mean a physical uprising - I mean an acceleration in the general collapse in support for all the main parties as more and more people switch to fringe parties at elections as more and more people become disillusioned with the Tories, Labour and Libdem parties and the growing contempt those parties have for the people of this nation.

It's almost as if the main parties want to destroy themselves. Actually, that's not beyond the realms of credibility - after all, the cult of the left is anti-western, anti-nation and anti-democracy. They've been striving for the destruction of the traditional western society that sustains them for 50 years so maybe it isn't so surprising that they seem hell bent on political suicide.

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