Friday, August 21, 2009

Compassion? Sure - unless you're a victim of crime

The decision of the Scottish justice minister to release the Lockerbie murderer on "compassionate" grounds is a strange one. During his long winded, excuse riddled speech Kenny Macaskill* referred frequently to "humanity" and "compassion" being involved in his decision.

But not once did he show any humanity or compassion towards the victims of the murdering bastard. If he had an ounce of true compassion he would have realised that releasing this terrorist scum to live out his dying days among his family would cause huge upset to the families of the real victims.

The filthy Libyan terrorist is a victim of a horrible disease. That's bad luck, but not entirely undeserved, but it is not enough to justify releasing him from prison. Those who died at his hands were victims of a cold blooded calculating murderer and they deserve far more compassion and far more consideration than a terrorist.

Such a shame that Macaskill felt the need to demonstrate his fake "humanity" towards a convicted terrorist rather than the grieving families of the real victims.

* Am I the only one who finds an adult using a rather childish version of their name a little bit creepy? Kenneth or Ken would be fine - but Kenny ..... grow up sunshine.

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North Northwester said...

I wonder if his illness will go into remission like that crooked banker of ours (from Singapore?) or the lonely French frogmen who blew up the Greenpeace ship and were released early after the Kiwis sent them to French jails on humanitarian grounds?