Monday, August 24, 2009

It's time the SNP delivered on their promise

Blimey - for a brief moment I thought David Cameron had undergone a revelation when I saw the headline in The Telegraph screaming that the Tories believed Britain was now divided into two nations.

I eagerly clicked on the link to read the great leader's words on Scotland's shame over the release of the murdering Lockerbie bomber while England basked in the pride of a stunning Ashes victory ..... but no.

Dave's not as tuned in to the mood of the nation as I would have hoped. Instead it's the forgettable Chris Grayling wittering on about the "two nations" of the have and have nots.

Britain has been divided by Labour into “two nations”, with deprived communities plagued by crime falling into "different worlds" from their wealthy neighbours, the Tories claim.

Good grief. How many times have we heard this crap trotted out by all sorts of lefties over the decades even though it is demonstrably untrue. There was far more poverty and greater discrepancy between the "different worlds" of the wealthy and the poor fifty years ago, but far less crime so it is quite obvious to anyone who wants to think about it that the link between poverty and crime is spurious.

If we're going to claim that the rich and poor of Britain constitute two distinct nations, then we might as well go the whole hog and recognise the multitude of "different nations" that exist in Britain - the Islamic nation, the Christian nation, the black nation, the Asian nation, the progressive nation, the social conservative nation etc. etc.

All this is a product of the ideology known as multiculturalism which encourages different groups to develop their own sub-cultures and then elevates those sub-cultures to make them equal to the prevailing national culture.

In that respect Britain is not two nations as the Tories claim, but a hundred different nations all competing for an ever greater share of the dwindling national resources and a greater position in the national culture. The only outcome this can achieve is the total break up of Britain into not just the four nations, but dozens of small statelets all warring with one another.

The Tories are supporters of this ideology and therefore as deluded as the Labour Party. Dave doesn't know how to fix it anymore than Blair did or Brown does - but like Blair he does know all the right buzzwords, catchphrases and soundbites to make it seem like he does.

The sooner we are two nations the better for England. England need to ditch the Scots and start governing ourselves once more. It's about time the spineless SNP delivered on their promise to deliver "independence" (what sort of independence is it when they are committed to being a subservient part of the EU?) and left the Union.

It would be better still if England could come up with a proper English nationalist movement of our own, but as long as we have the useless Tories and the regressive Labour Party that isn't likely to happen. Come on Salmond - put your money where your mouth is and take Scotland out of the Union.

He doesn't have the guts - the spineless poser.

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