Thursday, October 15, 2009

And these are our "allies"?

The revelation that French soldiers were killed in Afghanistan after the Italian secret service stopped paying the local Taleban bribes to stop attacks in areas they controlled may cause revulsion and shock amongst many - but it should also serve as a signal warning to Britain.

When the Italians handed over the areas to the French the threat was underestimated and, as a consequence, a patrol was ambushed, ten soldiers killed and a further twenty one injured. The French people were rightly horrified - although the French press were not horrified enough for them not to arrange to meet and photograph the enemy soldiers who had killed their countrymen and stripped their mutilated corpses of guns and equipment.

You have to give modern photo journalism credit where its due - they are as adept at feigning shock and revulsion as anyone, but they never let that get in the way of a good photo op. Why the rest of the world then feels the need to publish those pictures around the world is beyond me - it can only serve as propaganda for our enemies, but ........ well, it's increasingly hard sometimes to tell whose side some people are on.

Anyway, this story - and the conflict in Afghanistan in general - should act as a wake up call to the EUPhiles in Britain who seem to think that we can rely on our European "partners" should things ever get sticky. We can not - nor will we ever be able to. Sure, there are a few EU nations who we can always rely on to back us up when the going gets tough, but they don't include Italy, Germany or France.

It's no coincidence that the bulk of the actual fighting in Afghanistan is being done by the same nations that did the bulk of the fighting in Normandy - Britain, Canada and the USA. This is how it was in 1944 and thus is how it will always be because they are our true allies - the nations of the Anglosphere. To the main nations of the EU what matters is looking after their own interests first and foremost while other countries soldiers are just considered cannon fodder - particularly British soldiers.

Our geographical location does not mean that we have anything in common with the other nations of Europe. In fact, other than our geographical location just about the only thing we do have in common with most of Europe is our Christian cultural heritage - and most of the EU nations (including Britain) are doing their best to dump that as fast as they can!

The allies of Britain do not lie across the English Channel. Our allies exist in the Anglosphere - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. The rest are only our allies as long as it suits them to be so. Once that stops being the case they will drop us as fast as they can. That alone is a good enough reason to leave the EU.

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