Friday, October 16, 2009

The scum of the earth

That's one Philip Laing, sports technology student at Sheffield's Hallam University.

Laing's "crime" was to urinate over a war memorial still adorned with poppys representing the fallen. Laing was to later issue an apology for his disgraceful behaviour - claiming he has no recollection of the events due to the fact that he was blind drunk at the time.

No doubt there will be those who take this apology at face value, but I think Laing's behaviour reveals the dark underbelly of much of Britain's youth.

You see, there is an old saying in Latin which is something like "in vino veritas" - which I believe means "in wine, there is truth". Basically, what this means is that people tend to reveal their true selves when they are rat arsed. The truth about Laing and his like is that he has no respect for the men who died to keep this nation free. In the cold sober light of day, Laing may appear to regret his actions - but what I suspect he really regrets is getting caught out doing what he did.

Oh, I'm sure there will be hundreds of Laing's "friends" from Facebook queuing up to tell us what a lovely guy he really is and how he would never intentionally do such an awful thing - but it's there for all to see.

The truth is that people like Laing represent a growing section of British youth. Studying a worthless degree, dressing like a five year old and showing nothing but contempt for the brave men who at a similar age to Laing were fighting and dying so that piece of filth will some day have the right to piss all over their memorial.

The truth of people like Laing is that they have no respect for those who fought and died for them. They only see the survivors of that time as a nuisance - a relic from the past that needs to be swept away on a tide of young piss. It is their Britain now. A Britain where they get drunk, copulate indiscriminately and publicly - like animals - and where such things as restraint, respect for others, good manners and common decency are obsolete.

If it were up to me, he would be made to spend the next six months scrubbing that memorial down every night - right through the winter - for 6 hours every night using his own toothbrush - but in the modern Britain, scum like Laing are only required to issue an apology they don't mean to people they don't care about.


JuliaM said...

"The truth about Laing and his like is that he has no respect for the men who died to keep this nation free."

The truth about Laing is that he has no respect for anyone.

Even himself.

Otherwise, why would getting into that state in the first place be considered desirable?

Which is not to be considered a sign of sympathy.

You're a bit too soft, Stan. Toothbrush?

I'd have him cleaning that memorial down every night with his tongue... ;)

Ginro said...

Agree with both of you.
But Sheffield Hallam is more the glorified polytechnic, not the University proper.

Stan said...

LOL Julia!

The thing is, when I was young there were times when myself and/or my mates would get very very drunk - but we would never ever have done anything like that even if we were in such a state where we'd later have no recollection of what we had done. These sort of times were rare - usually at 18th or 21st birthdays - but not unknown.

The point I'm making is that we tend to do (or say) things when very drunk that reveal our true natures (hence the "in vino veritas" bit) - and all too often what this reveals about the young today is that they are amoral, selfish and ignorant scum. That is not a healthy sign for society.

Anonymous said...

'and all too often what this reveals about the young today is that they are amoral, selfish and ignorant scum'...

And it's our generation that prepared the road. Spoiled the children, withdrew state discipline in school across all age groups (then told them that they couldn't be disciplined) and facilitated a pop culture that tells them that being amoral, selfish and ignorant is good....

You reap what you sow, and we are indeed reaping...

As for Laing - conscript him to mine-clearing duties in Helmand. A 6 month stint might help clarify what respect is about...

Anonymous said...

Yes he should clean up his own filth, then do 200 hours community service repairing barracks or helping injured squaddies. As he has committed a criminal offence hopefully he will be thrown of his crappy course from Sheffield Hallam "University" to rot on the dole as he is now presumably unemployable, and he will get what he deserves.

Stan said...

That's a fair point about "our generation" anon - and one I quite agree with. As I have said in the past, when the history of these times comes to be written by those who are not yet born I don't think they will be particularly kind to our generation. They will look at the surrender of our sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in the EU and UN with amazement and disgust. They will shudder at the way we allowed ourselves to be suckered by the "climate change" fraud (because, by then, it will have been exposed as that) and they will wonder how it was that the precious jewel of Britain that had been handed on to us by the previous generation had turned into a poison chalice by the time we passed it on to our children.

JuliaM said...

"As I have said in the past, when the history of these times comes to be written by those who are not yet born I don't think they will be particularly kind to our generation."

Well, the younger generation seems to be getting a bit of a head start on that 'being unkind' thing...

Twenty years ago, someone would have decked that oik with one punch, and everyone would have applauded him.

William Gruff said...

Julia M:

You Liberal!

After he'd cleaned the memorial with his tongue I'd make him do duty as a urinal in a karaoke bar, every night for ten years.

LMFAO: the verification word for this comment is 'sluce'.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Sports Technology Student"

Do we need to know any more?

Anonymous said...

Just come across this piece of news.

What a disgusting little shit he is.

Hopefully this will dog him all his days thanks to the internet.

More and more employers search the net before employing “people” and I use the term advisedly in his case.

Bring back flogging.!!

Anonymous said...

Although disgusting and inappropriate this young man has made a mistake whilst inebriated.

The guy made a mistake and should have hefty community service to do, expelling him would be counterproductive, leading to just another dole scrounging muppet living off benefits.

When young people make mistakes they need to learn from them and not have a chance to better themselves and to contribute to society.

Whilst i do not condone what the young man has done and if i saw him do it would probably have punched him i do recognise that mistakes are made and alcohol is a very dangerous drug.

Consider the case in point of the young man drinking a pint of beer with his friends in the pub, just about to take his last sip a fight breaks out and he is hit in the ribs, the young man turns round and hits the assailant in self defence.

unfortunately the young man forgot that he had a glass in his hand, the glass went straight into the assailants face, permenantly damaging one eye and scarring the individual for life. – 2 lives destroyed over one moment of drunken stupidity, true story, i was on jury service listening to the case…

If you have ever been or know someone who is young and excitable, also very drunk then you will probably have seen behaviour just as disturbing as this, for example the 17 yr old girl who shot her neighbours cat through the chest with a crossbow (not even under the influence of alcohol)

This is the world we live in, if the most offensive thing that someone ever did to me was to urinate on my gravestone then i would have lived quite a sheltered life.

sorry to ramble on, just putting myself in the shoes of this young man i can imagine how embarassed he feels and the guilt he will and has experianced will be plenty of punishment, along with the comments from his friends and family who i am sure will be more critical than me or you could ever be.


Stan said...

Ramble all you like, VKE. However, my point was that his actions while drunk revealed the true depth of his contempt for the elderly and the people who fought to make this nation free for people like him.

In vino veritas - in wine there is truth. It is only when drunk that what one says or does reveals their true feelings.

Of course, once sobered up and with cold scrutiny of the British public thrown upon him he appears contrite and ashamed. He does this because it suits him to do so - not because he feels true contrition or shame. The only thing he really feels sorry for is himself.