Monday, November 30, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts over the last week. I haven't gone away - I've just been a bit busy.

Congratulations to Switzerland for taking a stand on the minarets issue - something which I believe Europe as a whole and Britain in particular needs to be firm on. The response of the media in Europe and of mainstream political parties including their own is expected, but is no less pathetic for it. Their way is continual appeasement and submission to Islamic demands and that way will never force Islam to reform - assuming it can actually be reformed which in itself is a debatable supposition.

Why should Britain or other European countries allow Islam free reign when Islamic countries impose such enormous restrictions on what religious minorities can or can not do in their lands? Even in those countries which do allow churches to operate they often do not permit them to have externally visible symbols of Christian faith such as bells or crosses.

To be honest, that is something that I sympathise with as it diminishes the culture of that nation bringing an alien concept into society. So why do we allow them to have their crescents, minarets and the muezzin call to prayer blasting out in our country? It is alien and obtrusive and the Swiss are right to ban it.


The English Physician said...

Hear hear. All Europe must realise that colonialism and imperialism are intrinsic ambitions of Islam.
The traditional military invasions of Europe largely failed: the ISMALIC protocol is the new strategy.
Immigration; Settlement; Multiplication; Aggrievement; Litigation; Insurrection; Conflict.
Politicians wanting the muslim vote will deny and dissemble; they will practise taqqiyah, as Muslims do.
Indigenous Europeans must speak out loud and clear, before it's too late.

Lawrence said...

I heard about this this morning and was pleasantly surprised. Was it the Swiss government who arranged a referendum?

I'm just surprised that only 57% voted against them; thought it would have been more.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence, referenda in Switzerland are a regular occurrence. It's wat makes the Federal Cantonal system of government successful - the people get to have a say.

Oh, and the Swiss Presidency is rotational - there's a new one every year. Do you know who the current Swiss President is? No, nor do I.