Monday, November 30, 2009

The real "deniers"

As someone who is somewhat sceptical of the argument that the world is warming dangerously due to human emissions of carbon dioxide, I've been following the "Climategate" (oh, blimey!) incident with interest.

If you haven't heard of this you could be forgiven as the MSM have made very little of the incident - particularly on the BBC - despite the incredible revelations that have been made. Essentially it comes down to this - someone hacked or "acquired" a large number of emails and other info from the Hadley Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

These emails have been confirmed as genuine and reveal - amongst other things - a conspiracy by a small number of highly politicised scientists to hide, manipulate and massage data with the clear intent of promoting the dubious Anthropogenic Global Warming theory through both the IPCC, scientific journals and the MSM. As Booker says, it is a huge scandal for science which makes it all the more incredible that the coverage has been so thin.

This small group of scientists have repeatedly sought to prevent other independent scientists from reviewing the methods and data used to promote the AGW theory, denying them access to data and computer code which would allow them to test the conclusions of this small group of AGW proponents.

It is these people who like to label sceptics as "deniers" - but now we see who the real deniers are. They are a disgrace to the scientific community.


Lawrence said...

I was wondering how long it would take you to cover this, Stan.

I've known all along that this was happening, and I think that any person with an iota of common sense knew it was happening. It's a massive fraud, and I can't believe that in the light of recent revelations that Gordon Brown and Obama are still getting positive media coverage regarding their twitterings in Copenhagen.

World's gone mad.

Brian E. said...

These people are NOT scientists. No real scientist ever destroys the basic data that was used in his research just in case it is needed to replicate his findings at some future date.
Nor does any real scientist ever say that the issue is settled. For centuries everyone believed that "matter was immutable" until Einstein came along and proved matter could be converted into energy!
No, they are not scientists, just another political pressure group!

Letters From A Tory said...

Indeed, the tables have been turned. Maybe we should call them 'climate fixers' or 'climate fudgers'?

Anonymous said...

The Beeb are still perpetuating the myth with today's "Antarctica's melting and we're all going to die" story.

LFAT, climate fraudsters would be a more apt description.

Malthebof said...

It did get a mention on the BBC I heard a reference to it on BBC Radio 4 news and the documents were said to have been 'stolen' not leaked obtained or acquired. Interesting that previous stories that had come from the Home Office et al were always leaked never stolen.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the emails. There are lines of code for their climate model program, suitably commented by programmer Ian 'Harry' Harris...

'The problem is that the synthetics are incorporated at 2.5-degrees, NO IDEA why, so saying they affect particular 0.5-degree cells is harder than it should be. So we'll just gloss over that entirely ;0)

ARGH. Just went back to check on synthetic production. Apparently - I have no memory of this at all - we're not doing observed rain days! It's all synthetic from 1990 onwards. So I'm going to need conditionals in the update program to handle that. And separate gridding before 1989. And what TF happens to station counts?

OH **** THIS. It's Sunday evening, I've worked all weekend, and just when I thought it was done I'm hitting yet another problem that's based on the hopeless state of our databases. There is no uniform data integrity, it's just a catalogue of issues that continues to grow as they're found.'

Classic stuff....