Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's no wonder they scoff - they aren't the ones paying!

The bunch of Moslems who hurled abuse and defamed British soldiers returning from active duty scoff at their £500 fines and use the television cameras to claim that they will continue their foul and vitriolic abuse of British men and women no matter how many fines they get.

Seeing how they are all living on benefits and that, ultimately, it is us - the British taxpayer - that pays their fines this is hardly surprising. Personally, I can't afford to keep paying the fines for other peoples wrong doing.

Welfarism at work. Don't you just love it?


Anonymous said...

And now Anjem Choudary is being given 24 hr protection by the Met. I bet the local nick love that eh? Why? Apaprantly 'in case' a plot by a 'far right' group comes to fuition to attack him.

Where do they gete this 'far right' revenge attack thing. Every time it is voiced it comes to nothing. There is no far right revenge attacking group in the UK, just a big bunch of pissed off tax payers working their nuts off to support benefit claiming scum like Anjem and the boys, the rest of the able to work but don't and the politicial class. Bollocks!

Letters From A Tory said...

Truly infuriating, and it makes a mockery of the welfare state just for good measure.