Monday, January 11, 2010

Quality reporting

Overheard on BBC Breakfast this morning while discussing excess winter deaths.

Expert: There are more excess winter deaths in England each year than in Scotland.
BBC Anchor: (Sharp intake of breath) Why is that?
Stan: (Shouts at television) Maybe it's because there are 55 million people in England and less than a tenth of that in Scotland!

Jeez - sometimes I could weep.


Anonymous said...

Watching the opening shots of part 1 of the Dr Who Christmas specials I went ballistic as the Timothy Dalton voiceover intoned (whilst scenes of a typical high street adorned in decorations and lights in the snow accompanied by ecclesiastical choral music) something about the populace getting ready to celebrate that PAGAN FESTIVAL that celebrates light and life within the depths of winter or something along those lines. Couldn't bring themselves to mention the 'C' word!! Amazing and still surprising.

Anonymous said...


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