Saturday, January 09, 2010

The proper response

I understand that the Somali pirates who captured a British couple are threatening to kill them.

The proper response of the British government should be to demand their immediate release and tell the pirates that were they to kill them or harm them in any way then the British will consider it an act of war, bomb the crap out of their shit hole towns and the Royal Navy will blockade their crappy little ports and destroy anything that tries to leave them.

At least, that would have been our response back in the days of Don Pacifico.


opsimath said...

I couldn't agree more; in fact, I've been saying it for days.

Will anyone take notice?

You tell me. Thanks anyway.

Chalcedon said...

We should already have shelled the villages to dust and sunk all these pirate motherships. a few dangling from the yard arm wouldn't go amis either. Why won't a ship's captain act like a captain instead of phoning home for instructions?

bernard said...

Stan -

A more accurate example of justified retribution would have been our naval attack on the Barbary pirates by Lord Exmouth in 1816.
The whole operation was so successful it is still referred to today.