Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why trust a liar?

Whenever I talk to Conservative Party supporters it always amazes me how they tell me that Cameron is really one of them and that he is just pretending to be a liberal progressive until the Tories win the election. After that he will reveal his true colours and emerge as a true blue Tory through and through.

This, to me, seems an incredible attitude to take towards the man - a man that none of those I have talked to have ever met or are ever likely to meet - however, let's suppose for a moment that they are right. What then are the consequences of what they are saying?

If they are right then they are proposing to support a man who is planning to perpetrate an enormous fraud on the voters and people of Britain. If Cameron does win the next election and does turn out to be the sort of conservative they seem to think he is then he will have lied his way to power.

And at what point does he reveal his true self? As soon as he enters No. 10 Downing Street? A year later? Just before the next election? When? Even if they are right and Cameron does turn out to be a true conservative, what needs to be done can not be done in one term and if he reveals his true colours in that first term and begins to implement the changes that are required - most of which are not laid out in any Tory policy document - then he is unlikely to survive even that first term let alone win another!

Cameron will not turn out to be the saviour of conservatism, because he is not a conservative. He is a progressive liberal through and through. The only hint of conservatism about him is his wealth and accent - which is why that is where the Labour party focus their attacks on him. They can not and do not criticise his politics too harshly because they are more or less the same as the Labour Party politics - so they make attacks on "Tory toffs" instead of Tory policy.

So, to all those conservatives who are planning to vote Tory simply because they have not yet grasped the reality that the party they support is no longer a conservative party at parliamentary level and who cling on to the belief that Cameron is playing some sort of trick I ask this .....

Why are you placing your trust in a liar?


SpiteK said...

"Why are you placing your trust in a liar?"

Risk/benefit analysis. The bunch of scrotums we currently have in power are proven incompetents and liars. The tories are proven liars too but currently unproven incompetents. Ergo, LieBore incompetence ensures Tory win.

I don't think anyone, even card-carrying tories like me, actually has any faith on Cameron; he's a faceless imbecile who has had a charisma bypass but the other option is another 5 years of Gordoom.

As much as I dislike it, that's why I'll be voting Tory again this time, even though there is no chance of a tory overturning my Lib Dem MP's majority.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that a real Conservative isn't in charge. The Tories just want power but they could have that by being honest, they really could. Just announcing the shutting of our porius borders and an end to unfettered immigration would have given them a massive majority. Announcing a prison building programme, that prisoners will serve full terms and that the UK will opt out of EHR legislation would cement that majority. The the real work could begin, dismantling the 12 years of New LAbour machinery that has run this country into the ground. It would be hard but 'we' would support them knowing that for once we had a political party, a leader, in charge who actually gave a damn about the UK, its people and its future not some oily sleazebag giving us more of the same but under a different coloured banner.

English Pensioner said...

Which is why I will be voting UKIP. I know it's a wasted vote, but it's better than abstaining. If the election is a close run thing with many ex-Conservative voters like myself voting UKIP, this could force a change of Tory policy in the longer term in order to try to get us back.