Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double standards

First of all, I have to say that I believe David Milliband's response to the alleged use of forged British passports by Mossad spies was the correct one. Indeed, I was actually reasonably impressed by the tone of his comments as well as the tough stance the FO has taken.

However, I suspect that a lot of that was due to the fact that he was dealing with a nation which I honestly don't believe Milliband has any interest in supporting. In fact, I suspect that Milliband - like a lot of people on the left - would be happier if Israel would somehow cease to exist as they believe this would solve a lot of the world's problems with Islamism. It wouldn't, of course, as Islamic militancy and violence existed for a long time before modern Israel came along.

But the clincher for me is the fact that Milliband works himself into a lather over the use of forged passports by Israelis - but seems remarkably unconcerned about the use of legitimate British passports by Islamic militants. Indeed, they hand them out to all and sundry like sweets to children. Not only that, but proven terrorists are welcomed into this country where they are then given homes, money and support while they continue to direct and encourage violence against our own people and our allies.

I think Milliband was quite right to kick out an Israeli diplomat - but by the same standard there are several thousand Islamic militants that he should be do the same thing to. The fact that he won't exposes where his true sympathies lie.


Dave H said...

If the bearing of a false passport whilst supporting a gang of murderers is such a heinous crime, then kick out Binyam Mohammed for starters.

He has only ever acted in ways that cause harm to this country. It'll save a lot of money too.

Stan said...

Well quite.

English Pensioner said...

As I have said on my own blog, I don't believe that Israel was responsible - it was far too unprofessional for Mossad.
I think it was carried out by a rival Arab terrorist organisation and designed to appear as if it was of Israeli origin.

JuliaM said...

Agree with English Pensioer - this seems to have been the only crack hit team in history that would have required a getaway coach, rather than car!

Stan said...

I agree that the operation does not seem to live up to the Mossad reputation - but then the Mossad reputation is considerably over-rated.

Anonymous said...

hmm... still it must have been hard for Milliband taking into account his Jewish background