Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A man with no shame

David Cameron is quite right to suggest that public perception of MPs is that they are all out for what they can get - but I am staggered by the sheer effrontery of the man in his claim that they are not all like that.

This from a man who has a huge country pile in Oxfordshire within an easy commute to his place of work - a commute which many of his constituents make every day at their own expense - and a considerable personal fortune, but still took huge amounts of public money to pay for a second home.

If he really means what he says he can lead by example. First of all, he can pay back every penny he has taken from the public purse to pay for his homes and then he can sell his London home and give the money to charity.

Until he does that he will remain one of the sleazy, money grubbing, self interested, pocket stuffers. He's right - they aren't all like that, but his record suggests that he is.

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