Friday, March 19, 2010

Something sinister at the BBC

On the face of it, this report from the BBC website seems reasonable.

But check out the picture of Lord Pearson. Do you think it would have been possible for the BBC to have found a more sinister picture of the UKIP leader?

I don't - and I don't think it is a coincidence either. This is another example of the BBC's institutional bias showing through its rather thin veneer of "impartiality".

I know that news organisations put a great deal of effort into finding the "right" pictures for their articles. The old adage that a picture speaks a thousand words is as true today as it has ever been and the BBC use this to promote their particular ideology.

The BBC is not impartial.

It does not deserve to be publicly funded.


Antisthenes said...

I notice that the BBC always show Lord Mandelson in the best possible way. Funnily enough even they can not hide his darker qualities, he still always looks like Count Dracula's grandfather. Just a thought, to become a Labour MP does it have to say pathological liar on your CV?

Dave H said...

The R4 news on Thursday evening ran like a Labour party political broadcast. It even had an interview with two proudly dyed-in-the-wool Labour voters (a lovely couple, BTW). They explained passionately why there was only one party you could trust. The interview went on for about ten minutes, easily the longest item.

The main story concerned lord Ashcroft.

It was as if they were reading straight from a script provided by Mandy.

Alex Cull said...

The picture does look remarkably like a still from one of those 1970s films with Christopher Lee as Dracula. "Something of the night" is what the Beeb means us to be thinking here.

If you go to Google Images and search for "Lord Pearson", you'll find plenty of less sinister pictures they could have used. Even the Guardian refrains from doing this.

bernard said...

Nah. The photo might put off a few old ladies from the rotary club but will have no effect on most people.
I've yet to see an amenable photo of Arnold Swartshianegle, and that doesn't seem to have affected his political career.

Gordon Brown on the other hand is a real problem for the BBC. They have to go back to when he was a teenager to get a photo that makes him look even vaguely human, or even normal.