Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The great ignored

I saw Michael Gove being questioned on this morning's BBC news and telling the interviewer that his parties big idea was to tap in to the "great ignored".

Yeah, right. In other words, his parties going to try and get us to vote for them and then they'll ignore us again.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Still, credit where it's due. At least he had a "big idea" unlike the Lib Dems or Labour who just waffled on about "public services" again.


Larry said...

That Gene Hunt/David Cameron mock-up is a work of genius. I think the end result wasn't what the lefty creator intended, though. lol

So is it UKIP for you Stan?

Stan said...

The Gene Hunt thing was definitely something of an own goal, but it's largely irrelevant I think.

I don't know if UKIP are even fielding a candidate in my constituency, Larry. What I can tell you is that I will definitely not be voting Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.

Anonymous said...

I'll not be voting for the LibLabCon either Stan. It looks like its UKIP for me as I live in the West Country - we may be the only folk left in England with a strong sense of who we are. We want a future and we will defend ourselves.


Larry said...

I'm not sure about who's standing for my constituency but, like you Stan, I won't be voting LibLabCon. I'm hopeful that BNP and/or UKIP will be fielding a candidate, in which casE I will vote for one of them for the Westminster election. I'm in Scotland though, so I think I have to vote for the Scottish Parliament, and for that I think it'll be Tory for me, as I see them as the lesser of the many evils.

Stan said...

I'll probably be joining you in the South West in a few years time, Steve. I can't see me staying around here much longer - the town of my birth is pretty much a foreign country to me these days.

Larry - regardless of whether the Tories are the lesser of evils, I still would not vote for them. If, when I come to make my mark, there is nobody standing who I feel even comes close to representing the things I believe in I will just scribble my indignation across the ballot paper rather than put an X in a box.

It's not simply that I won't vote LibLabCon - it's more that I can not as my conscience will not allow me to do so because they stand for things which I utterly oppose.