Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I've just completed The Telegraph's "Vote Match" test to see which party most matches my views. An option at the end allows you to deselect the parties which you wouldn't consider voting for - but as I wouldn't consider voting for most of those listed I didn't see much point - so I selected all.

The big surprise (for me, anyway) was that my top match was the BNP who nudged UKIP out by 2% (73% against 71% match).

However, I wouldn't place too much store in that as, according to Vote Match, the Green Party were a reasonably (OK, just under 50% match) close third! Considering that I answered that I believe AGW to be a myth and that my least concerns included the "environment"* - this is plainly ludicrous.

Perhaps the most revealing result, though, was that the two parties at the bottom were the Conservatives (23% match) and Labour (21%). Give it a go - but don't rule any party out of the decision and see what it recommends for you.

* As it happens, I am intensely concerned about the environment, but about real environmental issues in my own country and my own backyard - not about some made up scaremongering regarding some distant land over which I have and can have no control whatsoever.


JuliaM said...

I tried, but it crapped out at the end. I think it's getting heavy use today, for some reason I can't quite put my finger on... ;)

Anonymous said...

I had a go last week JuliaM. After a long pause it told me the polls had closed in Germany in 1933 lol.


Larry said...

I got 75% BNP, follwed by 59% UKIP and 49% Conervative. In last place on 9% was the Green Party. Damned accurate tool.

bernard said...

Larry -

Yep,I got the same. 68% BNP though.

I put the environment last because I'm in favour of global warming after having such a damn cold winter.

Not so sure about all the moss in my lawn though.

Larry said...

Yeah, I put the environment last, probably wrongly - because I now associate "environmentalism" with the cult of global warming. I do believe in true environmentalism though, i.e. conservationism.

Did you hear about the unions bleating that teachers should be banned from being members of the BNP? And they call the BNP nazis.

Stan said...

Interestingly again - I repeated the test using Firefox as the browser and answering exactly the same way.

BNP still came top - but at just 60% with UKIP one point behind.

Green was bottom this time with 13%. Conservatives came third but were still just a couple of points ahead of Labour.

Letters From A Tory said...

I can believe that. Apparently, being concerned about the 'environment' means being a vigorous climate change supporter these days rather than giving a crap about the destruction of rainforests.

Very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

That's bullshit. My top match was BNP but I'm an immigrant :\