Thursday, May 06, 2010

Booze up in a brewery

Nothing sums up the state of modern British politics better than the utter debacle of voters unable to vote and polling stations running short of ballot papers.

After 50 years of progressive meddling and fiddling we are now so inept that we can not even run the fundamental basics of our democratic system - and this is despite the massive increase in postal voting (and electoral fraud).

What an utter shambles - and they want us to trust them to manage the national economy, our national defence and our borders?

I wouldn't trust any of them to run a booze up in a brewery


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how we beat the Germans Stan, or should I say the Nazis since we're not allowed to call our foe in WW2 by their nationality (that would upset Angela). Seriously though we've lost it mate - and the correct term is 'piss-up' Stan.

No, we lost it back in the flower power days when all that was good about this country went up in a cloud of smoke (pre-skunk but just as dangerous).

You know, my Uncle kept firing his 25 pounder even though the Germans overran his gun position and started killing his mates. Then they shot him. In somes ways I'm glad he never came home from North Africa.

He would weep now at the state old Blighty.


TheFatBigot said...

Not much leaves me speechless with rage but this does.

If people turn up at one minute to ten and find they don't get in, so be it. I have heard stories of people queuing for forty minutes or more and failing to be allowed to exercise their precious right.

It's been interesting to see David Dimbleby get off the fence and express repulsion that this should happen in this country in 2010.

Whether it affects the decision in any constituency is neither here nor there. People with the right to have a say have been denied their say, it is an utter disgrace.

Stan said...

My dad was in the 7th Armoured too Steve - though he didn't join until Italy.

His brother, my uncle, also served with the 7th Armoured, but in Normandy. Both survived the war, but my dad didn't survive the NHS.

I never wonder how we beat the Nazis, Steve. I spent a good proportion of my childhood at the Royal British Legion surrounded by dozens of men like my dad and uncle who served and fought on land, in the air and on the sea. They were tough, resourceful and determined - they were also patriotic, proud and social conservative to a man.

Unfortunately, that generation was replaced by a generation of hand wringing, social liberal wimps who wouldn't have lasted a minute against the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

O never weep for me, my love,
Or seek me in this land:
But light a candle for my luck
And bear it in your hand.

Sidney Keyes killed in action, North Africa, 1943.