Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Opportunity knocks

In a comment to the previous post, Steve suggests that it may take two generations or more to rebuild our nation once the progressives have finally disappeared up their own backsides - as they very shortly will. To be honest, up until a few years ago I shared this view, but my viewpoint has changed somewhat due to events.

First of all, let me say that Britain - or an independent England - will never be the nation it once was in terms of economic and political clout, but it doesn't need to be. The main reason for this is that the economic power base has shifted from the Atlantic to the Pacific and this is unlikely to change back again quickly. So whatever happens, we can never be anything other than on the periphery. That doesn't really matter - and in many ways it is no bad thing.

What matters is that we restore our nation to where it was before the progressives took over and that can be done in a very short space of time. It always has been possible to reverse the damage done by the progressives, but the longer they held power the harder it would be - as long as things remained stable.

But thanks to the economic mess that the progressives - both here, in Europe and in the USA - have wrought, things will not remain stable - and this is the crucial point. While there was the semblance of normal economic stability (I say that because it is now apparent that the economic "miracle" of the progressive era was founded on substantially dodgy ground) it would have taken decades to reverse the damage.

We have become so dependent on the state in so many ways that it would have been impossible to roll back these barriers. That was always part of the plan of progressives - make the people dependent and then they will never give up those things on which they depend.

However, so great is Britain's public debt liability that total economic collapse is now not just a possibility, it is an inevitability. To understand why that is, I suggest you read this piece on the American Thinker. They are obviously talking about the USA, but the same things apply here in Britain.

When this happens all of the structures that the progressives put in place to protect their dominance will come tumbling down. It will not be pretty and it will not be easy, but it will happen and when it does it will be end of the progressive era for good.

From that point on, the rebuilding can begin under social conservative leadership. It will be hard work and it will require strong governance, but the rise will be rapid and in ten years we will have restored our nation to a self-reliant, independent, fully functioning country once more.

The problem for social conservatism has always been the existence of the dependency culture. The economic crisis that is about to hit us - much much harder than the depression of the thirties - provides an opportunity which must be taken.

I'd rather it hadn't happened and I'd have preferred it if it wasn't necessary - but it has and it is and when opportunities like this present themselves we must grab it with both hands. Even if we don't and the opportunity passes us by I still believe that we will roll back the damage of the progressive era. As I said in the last post, the coming generation show every sign that they are not keen on the progressive ideology - but that way will be slow and just as arduous.

If we miss this opportunity then we will be struggling for the next 50 years to overcome our problems, but if we take it when it comes then we will have restored our nation to the peaceful, independent, self-reliant and contented nation it once was inside of two decades. Who knows, I might actually live to see Britain great again!


Antisthenes said...

It will be ironic if in the vanguard of the downfall of the progressives will be the unions. As the legacy that the progressives have left for the next government is such an awful economic mess that it is bound to lead to social unrest.

They will not be calling for the downfall of the progressives but their perpetuation but nevertheless will contribute to their demise.

Roue le Jour said...

Here's a way to get an independent England. Announce that the United Kingdom is an anachronism in the age of a supra-national EU and get NI, Wales and Scotland to join in their own right. Then England leaves the EU, solving a whole bunch of problems in one go. No more Scottish schoolboy Marxists and taxes halved as half the dole bludgers are unloaded onto the EU.

The problem with socialism is that, like terrorism, it only has to get lucky once. Common sense has to be lucky every time. Even if Cameron does manage to pull Britain back from the brink, people will forget and socialism will get another crack at destroying the country in ten or so years time.