Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just what we need - more quangos!


We're saved!

The ConDem coalition have released their "radical" new document that tells us how they will save Britain - and how will they do it?

More quangos, more agencies, more devolving of power from elected representatives to appointed authorities.

Seriously, the document is vacuous drivel - full of noble sounding phrases which, on examination, amount to precisely nothing. For instance, they promise not to join the euro for the lifetime of this parliament.

Big deal! At best, this parliament is going to last five years - but it's by no means certain that the euro is going to! It's a bit like someone sitting in a lifeboat declaring that they won't climb aboard the Titanic while it's sinking.

They talk about how reducing the deficit is the biggest single issue - but reducing the deficit is never going to be nearly enough. All that will do is reduce the rate at which our debt is growing - it does nothing to reduce the debt itself.

The document is devoid of detail and utterly lacking in direction. I've mentioned before how Clegg and Cameron look and sound like a couple of public school sixth formers trying to be grown up and "adult" - well this document is the sort of thing such sixth formers would come up with.

They might win a school prize for it, but no one would take it seriously.

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