Friday, May 21, 2010

New Model Tories

It's telling that the day after the coalition published its manifesto -which, incidentally, nobody had the opportunity to vote for or against - Dave has penned an article telling us that he remains a Conservative.

And I believe him.

The trouble is, the Conservative Party is a conservative party in the same way that the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea is democratic. - in other words, it isn't - and Dave knows this which is why he calls himself a progressive and has branded the coalition with the Lib Dems as a "progressive alliance".

Since Cameron took over the leadership of the Conservative Party he has pushed through the changes initiated by the likes of Howard and purged the Tory Party of any last semblance of conservatism. They are now the New Model Tories and they are not the party that the majority of people who voted for them thought they were.

Curiously though, those people who voted in this copy of Blair's "New Labour" are uncommonly quiet about the fact that they have been led up the garden path.

Where are all those people who were telling me "just wait till Cameron gets in" and "he has to do this to become PM"? Well, he got in, he is PM and he is exactly the same as he was before.

No - that's not fair. He isn't exactly the same as he was before because now he has thrown away any pretence at being a conservative. Now he's our Prime Minister he is all progressive this and progressive that - talking about "radical change" and "moving on" and other meaningless progressive phrases.

Almost eleven million people voted Tory at the election - they might just as well have voted Lib Dem or Labour because that is what they have got. And yet, for some reason, they refuse to admit they were wrong even though they privately know they were.

Give it a couple of years and I doubt whether you'll be able to find many people who admit to voting for Cameron in 2010 - just like few people admit to voting for Blair. It doesn't really matter - because those people know they voted for Cameron and they know that they voted for a fraud.

I did keep trying to tell people that is what they would get - because Cameron's whole campaign was built on a monumental fraud. The only thing we weren't sure of is whether it would be the fraud of pretending to be progressive when he really was a conservative or the fraud of being conservative when he is really progressive.

Well, now we know that it was the latter. You people voted for a man who was deliberately perpetrating a deceit in the vain hope that he was deceiving the enemy. He was - but his enemy was conservatism.


Lightf00t said...

Too true.

I know you don't watch Question Time Stan, but last night's show was painful to watch. Just when you think that, as a viewer, you know what you're getting--hand picked audiences, hand picked left-wing panellists, bias galore--they go ahead and astound you once more.

Theresa May was put in a serious spot when, on the subject of human rights, someone asked something along the lines of: should Theresa May resign or be sacked for her voting record on transgender operations and gay adoption.

Well, as you can guess, the audience (which were obviously of all the colours of the rainboww) gasped repeatedly, jeered a little, while Ms May stuttered her way through her response, a response she knew she had to give, or give up her political career. She said she'd changed her mind!

Oh yes, one day she was a common sense conservative, who thought the idea of cutting someone's male genitals off and replacing them with female genitals (or vice versa) was abhorrent. The next (for all intents and purposes) she expects us all to believe that she thinks it's perfectly normal. And one minute she disagrees with the gay mafia's assault on our children, the next she's got an application for a membership of Stonewall sent off in the post.

I tell you, we're living in a totalitarian state. Yes, it might be a soft tyranny we're experiencing, but we're on our way to death and decay as a society when even our politicians aren't allowed to dissent from the liberal elite's agenda.

I'm done.

Richard Matthews said...


David Cameron is a conservative. He's doing a bloody good job of conserving the left-wing prog-lib political system set up by Blair et.-al.

Anonymous said...

Stan, it seems that you may well be right on this (and I am one of those conservatives who advocated the "wait and see, Cameron will prove his worth in office, etc etc" approach, prior to the election).
However, Cameron did not win an overall majority, and so he had to make a decision: Power as a minority govt, or form a stable majority by doing a deal with the LDs. He took the most sensible option, given the cards he had been dealt on May 6th.
I'm not saying that you are wrong, Stan, but at least can we give this govt the benefit of a reasonable length of time, before we completely denounce it? After all, I am seeing some good indicators, so far. Yes, I am distraught that Cameron is having to compromise some of his pledges, but as a realist, I acknowledge that he has to make the best of what he has been given. And, for goodness' sake, Labour are out, that's a start, surely? Surely the Cam/Clegg coalition, as flawed as it is, is at least a vast improvement on what went before it?
This coalition is not what I hoped for or wanted, but it's a start, a step in the right direction, or at the very least, a step back from the previous, very wrong direction.
Let's just give it a chance, and not knock it too soon. In the fullness of time (as Sir Humphrey would say!) if events prove you right, then I will say so, and I'll apologise. But come on, give Cameron a chance.
Tom Tyler

Richard Matthews said...

Hello Tom Tyler

Sorry to disagree but Cameron isn't worthy of a chance. He's sold plenty of his principles down the river already - just for the sake of keeping power. The vile Human Rights Act stays. Theresa May will continue to pummel us with the iron fists of Equality and Diversity.

Although the real bottom line for me is this: the Tories love the EU, which is why there was no point in voting for them in the first place.

I shall never vote at any election again until there is a main party that will take Britain out of the EU.

Stan said...

Hello Tom, nice to see you back again.

Personally, I don't see much difference between this government and the one that preceded it - only some minor detail changes and some difference in presentation, but essentially the same policies.

My argument, though, is not whether Cameron's government will be "successful" but the very idea that Cameron became Prime Minister by deliberately deceiving people - either he has deceived traditional Tory voters by pretending to be a conservative pretending to be progressive or he has deceived floating liberal voters by pretending to be a progressive when he is really a conservative.

Either way, Cameron has perpetrated a deceit on the people who voted for him. However, if it turns out to be the first then those who voted for him voted for him assuming - no, actually hoping - that he was lying!

I can't see why anyone would vote for someone in the hope he turns out to be a liar. How can they trust anything he says?