Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nice to know they're listening to me

I understand that the 500 euro note (about £430) is to be withdrawn from circulation as it turns out that 90% of them were tainted by criminal activity.

It's quite gratifying to realise that the powers that be are actually listening to yours truly ;)

It is, I suppose, an example of the law of unintended consequences, but I wonder if it is in fact possible to devise a system better suited to money laundering than the euro currency?


bernard said...

It's always nice to be proved right, Stan.
Mind you, anything to do with the EU and the Euro will be shot through with inconsistencies.

Stan said...

The thing is, bernard, it is was always so obvious that the euro would be a boon to money laundering and the EU a boost to cross border crime - but it never occured to those who thought it up.

That's the really worrying thing about the whole EU project - the people who run it can not see the obvious flaws to their grand plan.

Richard Matthews said...

The people who run the EU are a bunch of crooks themselves (no auditor has signed the EU accounts off for some fifteen years).

With this in mind, why should the EU top boys be worried about crooks benefiting from their grand plan? Sounds like the grand plan is working perfectly well for them.

Lightf00t said...

I adore Nigel Farage for what he set to that President dude . . . Rumpelstiltskin? lol