Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jobs for the boys

Perception is a funny thing.

I listened to the joint Con-Dem press conference from the garden of Downing Street yesterday on the radio rather than watch it on television and was, frankly, appalled by the jokey, matey nature displayed by the two men who are supposed to lead us back to prosperity.

However, the media reports of the press conference were almost gushing in their praise for Clegg and Cameron. Had I missed something?

So I watched it later and my first thoughts were not just confirmed - they were reinforced. It wasn't just the inappropriate levity on display at a time when seriousness and gravity was called for, it was that both men appeared to be so lightweight both politically and intellectually.

They looked like boys. They talked like boys.

Neither man said nothing of note or worth - except for Cameron when he mentioned that this was a "progressive alliance". They talked without knowing what they were saying - they just strung together vacuous phrases which it was clear they neither understood or really even bothered to think about.

We're always hearing about the infantilising of society, but even I had realised just how bad it has got. When the leaders of our nation are behaving and looking like a couple of sixth formers let off the leash by the headmaster then you know we've got something to worry about - just about the only thing missing was that they didn't start flicking each other with wet towels.

And back to that "progressive alliance" thing.

Come on Tory voters - don't tell me you didn't notice it. Your dear leader has sold out your principles for that of the opposition. I've known that for years, but when Dave actually said it the blatant confirmation that the Tory party is no longer conservative sent a cold shiver down my spine. God only knows what it did to those who thought Dave was going to get in to Downing Street before throwing off his "mild mannered"cloak and emerge as Dave the conservative superhero.

So I'd really like to know - all you people who have been saying to me "wait and see". I waited and I saw - and what I got was exactly what I expected. How about you?

In the end it's kind of appropriate that as Britain teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, the Union verges on collapse and society totters on the brink of anarchy we have a Con-Dem government.


Lightf00t said...

Regressive liberalism is now the status quo. I doubt I will live to see a return to common sense and traditionalism.

Richard T said...

So you're no Austro-Hungarian where the situation was critical but never serious then?

Stan said...

You will Lightf00t - we're into the final phase of the progressive liberal era. I give it a decade at most - and probably a lot less. Why do you think they brought in five year "fixed term" parliaments and a 55% majority for a no confidence vote? It's to try and shore up their frail coailtion when the problems really start to mount up.

The problem for the coalition isn't that they have major differences of opinion - they don't - it is that at the first hint of real trouble one party will try and blame the other party and "cut and run". This fixed term parliament is designed to prevent that - but it won't be enough.

Richard T - no, I'm no Austro-Hungarian, I'm English. Crisis, what crisis?

Richard Matthews said...

All hail our new dear leaders Clegg-Jong-Il and Cam-Il-Sung!

Lightf00t said...

As you've no doubt gathered Stan, my quest for ripped abs went tits up. Right now though, I'd trade a six pack for a conservative revolution in a heartbeat.

My mum was laughing at me the other day when I told her that sometimes when I'm driving through the town I live in, I'll often play a game with myself. The game is called Spot the Female. The annoying thing is I ALWAYS lose! And that's what 60 years of social liberalism and welfare have done for this country - turned women into growlers and lowered the testosterone levels of countless men.

Richard Matthews said...


That's an interesting point about the lasses. And I bet at least half of the fit ones you see come from Eastern Europe - now they're the kind of immigrants I'll always approve of.

I reckon if Britain leaves the EU, we could set up a bilateral agreement with the Eastern bloc. Their pretty ladies and reliable tradesmen for our useless-fuck dole-moles.

Lightf00t said...


Good idea.

I think I'll probably end up ordering a Philipino housemaid over the net. At least they have standards!

bernard said...

Is someone trying to say that English wimmin are becoming fat and ugly?

bernard said...

...I've just got back from late-night Tescos...

yes they are.

Stan said...

Mrs Stan is British and she is gorgeous, slim, feminine and always immaculately turned out.

Lightf00t said...

So you've pulled a cracker Stan? Good on you. There's not many of them left.

I wish I could go back to the days when the chrome was thick, when the men were men, and the women were straight . . .