Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What now, conservatives?

This is a question for all those people who kept telling me that Cameron really was a proper conservative and that we'd all see his true colours once he was Prime Minister.

Well, he's Prime Minister and we've already seen him sell out to the Liberal Democrats. So what now?

Do you still think Cameron is a conservative or have you now realised that he really is the "heir to Blair"?

And do you now understand that the party you support is closer to the philosophy of John Smith than it is to that of Margaret Thatcher?

Cameron has pulled off one of the greatest coups in modern times - not by becoming Prime Minister, but by fooling the Tory party into believing they were still a conservative party and capturing the last free-thinking political party for the progressive left.

Now he's openly thrown his lot in with the progressive left and revealed his true colours after all - and they have turned out to be another shade of red, not Tory blue.

So what now?

More constitutional vandalism, a parliament ever more detached from the people and a ruling elite who sneer at the things you believe in and that you thought they stood for.

So what now?


Antisthenes said...

If you look at this pragmatically the fault does not lie with Cameron it is with the British people, rightly or wrongly they have drifted to the left in large numbers. So Cameron has had no choice but to follow the voters as they are certainly not going to drift rightward again anytime soon. If he gets it right over the next 5 years in coalition with the Lib-Dems he will be able to entice them rightwards again.

The price maybe that policies are going to be a little pink for now but it will have at least have stopped them from being downright Marxist red.

Richard Matthews said...

I didn't think you could get worse than Blair? Now we've got two of his bastard clones in charge of the country!

So, what now, Stan? I was interested by your earlier post about how progressive liberalism is doomed because of the ever-increasing national debt that MUST have a limit.

You might have read my comment on the Hitchens blog, which follows on from your own comments about the ever-mounting debt bubble eventually having to burst and taking leftism with it.

I reckon that the UK government (in a last-ditch attempt to save leftism) will start to print more money in order to get us out of debt, thus causing 1930's German-style hyper-inflation. We all know what happened after that.

Richard Matthews said...

So, what can us conservative folk do about it?

Answer: nothing.

Just wait for this whole leftist nonsense debt-bubble to burst and then sit there and smugly tell all our leftist chums: 'I told you so.'

Stan said...

Progressive liberalism is doomed, Richard - but not just because of the debt problem. That's just a symptom of the real problem which is progressive liberalism.

It will end as a result of one of two things.

The first and most preferable for me is that the people of Britain wise up to the fact that progressive liberalism is built on fraud and deceit, has made Britain worse by every significant measure of societal progress and reject it.

This is now quite likely to happen because of the debt bubble and impending economic collapse which will result in massive social unrest and national turmoil. it will also probably be the end of the Union - for the forseeable future.

I'd rather this didn't have to happen, but I can't see how it can be avoided now. The hyper-inflation you mention shouldn't happen because every sane person knows that printing money is a slippery slope - but progressives are so desperate to hang on to power I can quite easily see them doing this. It won't change anything though.

The second alternative is that this country becomes Islamic and thus "conservative".

These are the only two outcomes for progressive liberalism - there does not exist a scenario whereby progressive liberalism remains because it is, by nature, self destructive if not outright suicidal.

The longer it takes for progressive liberalism to expire the more likely the second outcome is because, in the end, demographics will decide. By the end of this century "Britain" will probably be a predominantly Moslem republic and there is no such thing as a progressive liberal Moslem state.

But I can't see it lasting another decade, let alone another 90 years.

Stan said...

"So, what can us conservative folk do about it?

Answer: nothing.

Just wait for this whole leftist nonsense debt-bubble to burst and then sit there and smugly tell all our leftist chums: 'I told you so.' "

No - we can do plenty, but above all we can prepare.

We should continue to do what we are doing now and warn people of the dangers. The means at our disposal are limited, but even so there is progress being made. The more people we have on our side when the time comes the easier it will be, but if they don't know there is an alternative they won't go for it.

We must also be prepared to say "I told you so" when it does happen - we would be doing ourselves a disfavour if we didn't. The principles of conservatism are hard to define because they are not a set of "objectives" defined by a bunch of pseudo intellectuals sitting around a table - they are the product of centuries of experience and thus organic and self-defining in nature and they never ever change.

Conservatism (small c) will always prevail in the end because it is based on nature and is the nature of humanity.

Consider the "bible" of progressive liberals - the theory of evolution.

According to that, species do not evolve by taking massive sudden leaps forward - they evolve through tiny almost imperceptible changes. The biggest danger to a species is "radical change". If you take a trout out of the river and throw it on the bank it will do one of two things. It will either lie there and die or it will thrash about trying to return to where it was. The one thing it will not do is stand up and start walking about.

Radical change is always dangerous - this is why radicals are always dangerous unless that radicalism involves getting back to an environment you know and trust.

Right now, the people of Britain are lying on the bank and slowly expiring - but pretty soon they will start to thrash about and look for a way out of this - just like the trout.

Conservatism will always prevail - one way or another.

Lightf00t said...

Flipping hell Stan, between your deep insight and your analogies, I'm starting to think you're a genius. You've really nailed it.

Richard Matthews said...


Thanks for responding to my comments. You're correct there is more than 'nothing' we can do. I do all that I can do. Talk to my mates down the pub (most of them tell me to shut up about politics - they don't care). I'd form a political movement if I had the cash - unfortunately I'm far too busy trying to earn a living.

I have a pal who is a member of the Tory party. He's one of the chaps who said that Cameron would show his true colours as soon as he got in. The poor lad is on his honeymoon at the moment (his wedding last weekend was an absolute blast!) and I haven't the heart to e-mail him about true colours = selling out to the LibDems.

I've had great fun debating with him down the pub about how the Tories are Labour with blue ties. His argument was always: wait until they get in. I'm looking forward to the next time I have a pint with him in a couple of weeks or whenever that is.

I do hope you're right on the small-c = human nature theory. It's eminently preferable to UK future = Saudi Arabia present. Let's hope that it doesn't end up even worse than that and George Orwell's 1984 becomes a true story.

David Icke said that Orwell's 1984 was unfolding before our very eyes. Maybe he's not mad and it's the rest of us who are mad.

All the best.

Richard Matthews said...

By the way, Stan.

How come you and Norfolk Al seem to be trading insults on the Hitchens blog?

You reacted a wee bit snippily (if I may say so) to his 'Your comment is a beacon of light' retort to your 'Progressive Liberalism is Doomed' post. Did you sense sarcasm there?

Only reason I ask is because I've had the odd wee bit of banter with Norfolk Al myself and it's always been good-natured, although I disagree with most of Norfolk Al's comments.

Stan said...

LOL - cheers, Lightf00t. Unfortunately, I'm not a genius - but I do try and think for myself.

I am right about human nature tending to be conservative and about progressive liberalism being self-destructive. It requires traditional western liberal society to exist and yet uts aim is to destroy traditional western liberal society.

I wasn't aware that I reacted "snippily" to Norfolk Al's comments or that we were trading insults - but I do get fed up with his sneering sarcasm. That wasn't an insult - he is well aware that he uses sneering sarcasm and he thinks it's clever. I think it's childish.

He could, if he wanted to, try and engage with the arguments - but he hasn't got an argument.

And he claims to be "conservative" but he's about as conservative as Blair. He is the worst sort of progressive you can come across - the one who hides his leftist ideals behind a veneer of conservatism. These are the sort of people who have taken over the Conservative Party and left us real ocnservatives without a party to represent us.