Friday, December 17, 2010

Utopia? For whom?

Once again the imagined "rights" of a foreign criminal are placed above the very real rights of their British victim. It's not the first time this has happened and unfortunately it won't be the last either - thanks to the meddling and incompetence of the progressive liberals.

The proglibs like to believe they are creating a utopia - but the question is, for whom?

Before the proglib experiment began 50 years ago, Britain was a great place to live as long as you were a decent law abiding person. Sure, we were pretty rough on criminals and the immoral, but there weren't too many of those and certainly nothing like what we have today.

The vast majority of people could live decent, ordered and content lives free from intimidation, fear and threat - either from criminals or the state. Everyone had access to quality education, there were plenty of jobs available in industry, factories (that made real things), offices and shops, marriage was the bedrock of society and most families enjoyed money in their pockets, food on the table and all the consumer items they either wanted or needed in an ordered and civilised society.

Then came the proglibs with their dream of creating a utopia - and fifty years later we've got it.

A utopia for criminals and the immoral, that is.

By almost every measure of societal progress things are worse now than they were fifty years ago - and where they aren't that is only because of technological or medical advances which would have happened whether the proglibs were in charge or we had remained a social conservative nation.

Anyone who thinks things are really "better" today is either deluded or a fool - or both. And things will not get any better until we dump the proglib revolution where it should be - an unfortunate chapter in our national history - and get back to social conservatism.

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