Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to become interesting

While he was Defence Secretary, the uttering of Bob Ainsworth were so dull and impenetrable that barely anyone paid him the slightest bit of attention. Even at the height of his career, few people knew who he was, listened to what he said or cared what he was talking about. As Defence Secretaries go he was one of the more easily forgettable ones.

Today, though, he has suddenly become very interesting to the liberal left media. Why?

Simply by calling for illicit drugs to be legalised.

Oddly enough, long before moving to defence, Mr Ainsworth was in the Home Office with a responsibility for drugs and organised crime. One presumes that the responsibility was to reduce it, but I'm not entirely sure if Mr. Ainsworth understood that.

Mr. Ainsworth now says that his recent about turn on drugs policy came about as a result of his stint in the Home Office - but that finished seven years ago! Are we really expected to believe that Mr. Ainsworth's sudden change of mind on drugs took seven years to formulate? I don't have a particularly high opinion of the intellectual capability of your average MP these days, but even I never thought that their minds were that slow!

Nah. Mr. Aisnworth didn't change his mind while he was at the Home Office - the position he is now stating is more likely to have been his view when he was attending meetings of the International Marxists and helping to wreck the British car industry as a trade union activist.

The only reason he is saying it now is that he knows he is unlikely to ever get a position in government ever again and he can now come clean and admit his real opinion. I doubt that Mr. Ainsworth has really changed his mind on drugs at all - what he says now is what he has always believed in my opinion - but by saying it now he has changed something. He's gone from being Mr. Dull and largely ignored by liberal left media to Mr. Interesting and the darling of the BBC.

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