Friday, January 14, 2011

An EU success story

This is so incredible it is almost impossible to believe - until you realise that it is the EU at work and then, not only is it believable - it is inevitable and it represents a success story for the EU.

The EU has managed to approve, print and send out millions of 2011 diaries to schools - including 350,000 to British schools - which include the holidays, feasts and festivals of every major religion except one ...... Christianity.

At first, one reads this and wonders how nobody spotted the error. However, when you think about it you understand that the "error" was inevitable.

For 2000 years Christianity has shaped the culture of every nation on the continent of Europe and yet, despite this common thread, every nation in Europe developed differently with different cultures to create unique nations. Consequently, Christianity has been a barrier to the very ideals and principles of the European Union.

The EU is forever going on about "celebrating" diversity, but the truth is that the EU only wants to celebrate EU approved diversity. The influence of Christianity on the cultures, institutions, laws and customs of the European nations is something they want to eradicate because that influence has been different in every nation - and if you plan on integrating those cultures, institutions, laws and customs in one then the first thing you have to do is eradicate the influence that shaped those cultures, institutions, laws and customs.

The very fact that these diaries have been produced without any reference to Christianity is evidence of how successful the EU has been in achieving this within its own bureaucracy - because it is inconceivable that these diaries did not go through an approval process which would have required a number of different departments and senior technocrats checking and approving the content.

These people have been brainwashed for decades to ensure that they bow down to all the EU approved cultural diversity of foreign religions while ignoring the one that shaped European civilisation. So they will have checked and rechecked that the diaries include Diwali, Ramadan, Hanukkah and what have you, but it would not have occurred to a single one of them that they were missing Easter or Christmas.

So, this represents a success story for the EU. They have successfully eradicated Christianity from their bureaucracies. Unfortunately for the EU, outside of their buildings, the people of Europe still remember it.

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