Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There has been a bit of coverage in the media recently about library closures. Up and down the country, local councils desperate to save a bit of cash are marking small libraries for closure and in many cases the local communities are not happy about this.

The councils argue that they have to save money and these facilities are not sufficiently used to justify keeping them open. This is nonsense. The reason they are closing libraries is all about priorities.

Most people, when they think about their local council, understandably think about the basic essentials which they believe their council tax money is used for - rubbish collection, keeping the streets lit and clean, care and support of the elderly and so on - but the chances are that your local council have other ideas.

You see, they don't see things the way you and I do. What we consider a priority and what they consider a priority are often completely different things. For them, collecting rubbish is just a nuisance they could well do without - which is why they are so willing to change it from weekly to fortnightly and why you will see rats running around outside Number 10 Downing Street. The country is now a filthy tip because councils no longer consider collecting rubbish to be a priority.

What they consider priorities are things like ... helping drug users get their daily fix, assisting asylum seekers in maximising the benefits they can obtain from government, ensuring young people convicted of assault are given every assistance possible on their release from a young offenders institute and so on.

When it comes to the environment, our councils are more concerned about the impact of "global warming" on the Arctic polar bear population than the impact of their failure to keep the streets clean on the local brown rat population.

Libraries are way down the list of priorities and many of the things we consider priorities are not much higher up that list. This is why they - along with care and support for the elderly - are top of the list of council cuts. The priorities of ordinary local tax paying people count for nothing compared to the priorities of the progressive liberal elite who rule this country.

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