Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Le grand stitch-up

With the kind of breath-taking arrogance that only the French and Germans are capable of, those arch-conspirators Sarkozy and Merkel announce they've agreed a new EU treaty.

It's not an agenda for the upcoming summit meeting; it's not up for negotiation; it's not even open to discussion - France and Germany have decided and everyone else has to accept it whether they like it or not.

'Scuse me? I thought the EU was made up of 27 nations, not two.

What on earth makes Sarkozy and Merkel think they can dictate terms to everyone else?

Well - this for a start.

Of course, those of us who actually bothered to look into the thing have known for years that the EU was not intended to be democratic - just to merely assume a veneer of democracy - and that it was a tool to enable France and Germany to dominate Europe.

Whenever there has been an enlargement, we've been told this will help to dilute French and German influence. Of course, it did nothing of the sort - and was never likely to. The French and the Germans get together, they decide and then they work out how to implement their decisions using the EU framework.

This is how the EU works and has always worked. The difference now is that they're not even pretending it is anything else.

Thatcher realised this too late. Cameron is about to find out.

Even while Britain was fighting a war and our people suffering and dying to free his country from the tyranny of the Nazi jackboot, Charles De Gaulle sat in London and contemplated with relish the day when France and Germany would combine to take down the "Anglo-Saxons".

The EU is no longer pretending to be democratic and the French and Germans are no longer hiding the fact that they make the decisions and everyone else has to accept them.

How much more evidence do you need?

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