Monday, December 12, 2011

The pygmy mind of Nick Clegg

A few weeks ago I revealed that since officially retiring I've started working as a business coach. I'll be honest, I'm no business genius and most of what I tell people is common sense, but one of the most common obstacles I come up against is mindset.

People get very set in their ways - particularly if they've been doing the same thing for some time - but the worst mindset of all comes from those who won't do what I suggest because they don't believe they can.

As I'm always telling my clients - if you think you can't then you probably won't.

It's such a simple thing and, for the majority of my clients it sinks in pretty quickly. They understand that if their business is going to survive they have to start thinking their business can survive and doing the things that will achieve that.

Which brings me to Nick Clegg.

He claimed at the weekend that this country - without the EU - would become a "pygmy nation". I've no doubt that he believes that because Nick Clegg has a "pygmy mindset". He's not stupid - I'm sure he has a very high IQ - he just lacks the ability to think beyond his self-imposed boundaries.

He honestly believes this country can not achieve great things. He sincerely believes that we are incapable of forging our own place in this world as an independent nation. He believes this because he has a small minded attitude.

You don't need to be a great person to achieve great things - you just need the ability to have a great vision and the will and determination to see it through. Nick Clegg has none of these assets.

Indeed, anyone who believes - like Nick Clegg - that Britain is unable to make its way in the world as an independent nation also has a pygmy mind. They are the true "little Englander" - because they have little minds with little imagination.

They are the people who are always making excuses and finding reasons NOT to do something. I come across them all the time in my work.

Britain can survive in the big bad world as an independent nation. Not just survive - but thrive and achieve greatness once again. I'm not saying it is easy - it will take work, effort and time - but I have no doubt it can be achieved.

I am equally certain that as long as we have people governing this country who THINK we can not do this then we never will.

If the government thinks we can't - we probably won't.

What can we do?

We need to get rid of the Nick Clegg "pygmy" attitude.

Change the mindset - change the government.


Antisthenes said...

I agree with you. However it is always best to understand one's limitations as well. Being smaller does not mean being less relevant or receiving less respect stature and respect is earned dependent upon one's actions. If one has respect then stature and influence follow.

Pat said...

If Britain were excluded from, or left Britain would have less influence in Europe. However, at the same time, european nations would have less influence in Britain.
I for one would regard it a decent bargain if Britain gave up a 1 in 27 chance of telling continental nations what to do in return for a zero chance of continental nations telling Britain what to do.
Too many of our politicians dream of empire. They think that because Britain was once a superpower, able to boss other peoples about, that this is the object of politics. It should be remembered that the British Empire did not grow as a means of bossing other people about, but to make Britain better off. Of course, a lot of bossing about was done, but this was as a means of securing a better life for Britons. The aboriginees of sundry areas were certainly pushed around- but not for the sake of it. The Indians were pushed around- so that Britain could keep trading with India.
Those who seek influence for its own sake want to boss others around just for the buzz it gives them.

North Northwester said...

Just using this to wish you and yours a Merry and peaceful Christmas. I'm grateful that you're back blogging: I for one dislike deferring gratification until the next Stan rant comes along.