Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If you can't take it, don't dish it out

It seems atheism is having a bit of a sense of humour lapse at the moment. I'm not a regular visitor to YouTube - personally, I find all these people seeking their fifteen minutes of fame a bit tiresome - but someone on there issued a challenge to atheists to post their blasphemy rants and they responded gleefully. But when a clergyman decided to parody them they got a bit upset and forced YouTube to pull his video.

Hot Air also mentions another evangelical atheist chap who frequently posts his critiques of Christianity which YouTube were only too happy to accept time and time again. When the same fellow decided to turn his attention to the RoP, however, YouTube suddenly had a sensitivity spasm and pulled all the atheist fellow's videos and closed his account. Remarkably, despite the fact that this chap had posted video after video criticising Christianity, it was Christians who leaped to his defence and his right to freedom of speech. All to no avail, however. The guy remains banned and his videos pulled from YouTube.

Can't go around upsetting the Religion Of Peace can we.

Hat Tip: House Of Dumb

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