Friday, May 09, 2008

Why the left love interdependence - but only for white westerners.

I was going to write a lengthy essay about the subject Gordon Brown recently referred to in a speech in Boston – interdependence.

I was going to say why I profoundly disagree with the idea that no nation can be independent and that we are all linked together in some way -  but it's a lovely day and  I can't be bothered.

So instead, what I'll say is that “interdependence” is a fancy term for dependence dreamed up by Marx for his Communist Manifesto simply to disguise the fact that the obvious result of communism is a world of people dependent on and therefore subservient to the governing authority. "Hmm" thought our Karl - "vee cannot tell ze people zey must be dependent und subservient to ze state -zey vill not buy zat in a monz of Sonntags. Vat can I call it instead? Ja! I have it - vee vill call it interdependence!"

You didn't know interdependence was invented byMarx? Where do you think our political thought comes from these days?

Interdependence is loved by lefties and they go to great lengths to push it as part of their agenda. Interdependence was the idea behind the concept of the EU when it was suggested that having nations reliant on one another for coal and steel would prevent another war in Europe. Of course it's a stupid idea – it didn't stop the “interdependent” nations of Yugoslavia going to war – it just ensured that any subsequent war would be very ugly and very dirty by necessity.

Interdependence is given other names – such as supranationalism or transnationalism – but as far as the nation state is concerned it means the same thing. Dependency on some left wing bureaucratic authority with little or no representation for the people.

The test of whether the left really believe in “interdependency” is how they apply it to western nations, but not to nations of their favourite victim groups – particularly Africa. When they talk about colonialism they always tell us how the dear old natives were happy fun loving people free from disease and fear until nasty old whitey arrived. I guess they didn't like “interdependence” when the authority was the white man's over the black man – but left wing supremacy over western capitalist nations is fine.

Similarly, they ain't keen on Iraq or Afghanistan being “interdependent” with the evil USA. And talking of the USA, I gather our Gordy's speech didn't go down too well with the locals. I guess telling a nation which fought a hard war for independence over the idea of government without representation didn't take kindly to being told they'd wasted their time.


Tommy Rayder - Conservative said...


My name is Tommy Rayder and I have recently started up a Tory blog. I see you have a list of other political blogs on your site, one's that you like. I was wondering if you would look at my blog and if you like it if it would be possible for us to exchange links on each others blogs.

I only recently started my blog and I probably have no readers. So I am just trying to build it up a bit.

I have read your blog for a few months now and I really enjoy and always look forward to reading it.

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Stan said...

No problems, Tommy. I'm only too happy to add links to like minded blogs. I'd recommend getting your blog listed on other blog rolls and using some sort of statistic counter to track visitor numbers.

I took a bit of a break from blogging due to a change in personal circumstances and my numbers have dipped from the 200 a day I used to get down to around 30-40 a day - but that's not really an issue as I only really blog to let off steam.

I don't expect to change the world, but if I can connect with one or two people then all is good.