Monday, May 05, 2008

The price of insecure borders - £5billion!!!

With an estimated total of more than 500,000 illegal immigrants in Britain, the government is facing a bill of more than £5bn to deport them all - if they can catch them.

So says the BBC.

I think that estimate is too low - double it and you'll be closer to the real total - and when you consider that they are coming in much faster than we can chuck them out then that £5bn is likely to be an ongoing cost.

It cost £700 million just to deport the 63,000 we got rid of last year - many of whom will just turn around and come straight back in again - and that demonstrates the false economy of not having secure borders. A recent report reckoned that immigration benefits the British people to the grand tune of 28p per person - around £17 million - but that is dwarfed by the £700 million it costs to get rid of those we discover and manage to process.

So the cost of having insecure borders is close to £1 billion every year! That's just the deportation costs - not including the costs of finding them in the first place or the indirect cposts to the economy. So much for the benefits of unrestrained immigration! All the "benefit" is wiped out by the costs and then some - the open door policy costs every person in Britain £11.50 a year and that is just the OFFICIAL cost. God alone knows what the real cost is.

Now the myth has been so blatantly exposed can we expect anyone to do anything about it? Don't hold your breath. They can't anyway - the EU won't let them.

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