Friday, May 09, 2008

Spot the connection

Beirut is in chaos one more. Violent clashes between Hezbollah gunmen and Lebanon government troops have left at least 10 people dead - mostly civilians.

Seen much of that on the 10 o'clock news?

No - me neither. Of course, the disaster in Burma is the big story of the moment (how come they find it so hard to get food and water to the disaster zones, but have no problem flying in news teams with cameras and sound equipment?), but barely a mention of the situation in Beirut.

How very different from 2 years ago when the clashes were between Hezbollah and the Israeli soldiers. Then we had the various news channels fighting over themselves to bring us pictures of the poor "civilians" massacred by the evil Jews.

We also had people marching through the streets of London with banners proclaiming "We're all Hezbollah now" - well, where are those people now? Are they still Hezbollah? Why are they so quiet this time? I wonder if they've managed to work out the common link between the 2006 conflict and these latest clashes?

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