Monday, December 13, 2010

Crap Britain

When lefties tell me how much "better" Britain is these days, one of their favourite references is how much better our health system is compared to, say, the pre-NHS days. I like to retort that the reason why health care has improved and so many people recover from illnesses which were once considered life threatening has nothing to do with the NHS, but is entirely down to medical advances and often due to the development of new drugs by those "evil" (and privately operated) pharmaceutical companies who - if the left got their way - would be bled dry of the profits that pay for future drugs.

There is no doubt that people died of illnesses back in the forties which are easily treatable these days - but I'm equally sure that nobody died of thirst while in hospital in the pre-NHS days.

Another of the lefties favourite references are the much vaunted "benefits" of immigration. Well, it certainly wasn't much benefit to this chap. Britain has become a dangerous place to grow old in. If the out of control youth and foreign criminals don't get you then the NHS probably will.


opsimath said...

Well said, Stan, on both counts. It seems to me we would be much better off without the immigrants AND the NHS. The trouble is, the NHS defenders - and sucklers at the teat - have hoodwinked the populace into thinking the NHS is the ONLY route for medicine to take, ignoring completely the wonderful systems in France and Germany, to name just two.

Good post - thanks.

English Pensioner said...

My grandmother who was born in 1862 lived to over 102 without any help from the NHS! She made her own pills and potions which I was frequently given as a child!
There are many other models for healthcare systems which differ considerably from the NHS but which reports suggest are more efficient, cheaper and deliver better care. Certainly, Australia, which offers both private and state health care seems very good from my wife's experience. Residents have the choice, if they opt for private care, they get a tax allowance if they can show that they have a suitable insurance policy, so unlike here, they don't have to pay twice. And UK citizens who are visiting get free care for up to three months on production of their passport, that's all, not all the EU fuss and paperwork involved in getting a special health card before you go. And their computer system works!
And as for immigrants, please don't get me going on the subject!