Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TV is so educational

A lot of people get very sniffy about television claiming that they never watch it - except for the odd documentary about some art house director or wildlife programme, but I'm not like that.

There's no doubt that the quality of television has declined considerably over the last 10-20 years as twenty four hours a day viewing and the number of channels has proliferated. I remember how back in the seventies we heard how the USA had a hundred channels and nothing to watch while Britain made do with just three channels and there were always a dozen or so "must see" shows every week.

Given the quality of output from British television compared to the US at the time it still amazes me that we decided to adopt the American model - but that is what we did and the consequence is that there is little worth watching on television today.

Nevertheless, television remains very educational. For instance, last night I watched the BBC's latest edition of "Holby City" and learned an awful lot from that.

I learned that foreigners are better than Britons - better people and better at their jobs.

I learned that women are excellent doctors and nurses while men are bumbling idiots - unless they are foreign men in which case they are excellent, but not as good as female foreigners.

I learned that both men and women are portrayed with flawed characters - but while women are aware of their character flaws men are blind to them due to their supreme arrogance.

Of course - if you believe all that you will believe anything.

And that - of course - is the point. A lot of people do believe an awful lot of what they see on television regardless of whether it is a "documentary" or a popular drama series. They don't realise that what they are watching isn't a snapshot of real life, but simply how things are viewed through the prism of liberal left propaganda.

The left cottoned on to the power and reach of television many many years ago and now have complete control over it in this country - particularly in the BBC where they control not just the content, but also the way it is managed.

So you can still learn a lot from television - but the best thing to learn is where the off switch is located.


JuliaM said...

There is some good stuff, though. If you'd stayed on until 10:45 you'd have seen a very interesting and entertaining documentary like 'Imagine..'

English Pensioner said...

As those on TV are claimed to be representative of the general population, I can only assume now that over 50% of the population are now of non-Anglo-Saxon ethnic origin.
And having had to watch some of the children's programmes lately with my grandson, some of these are very good (and others are rubbish, with their ethnic quotas!)

DJ said...

Bang on. BBC bias isn't just the blatant rewrting of history ad sins of omission, it's the prejudices that underpin their world view.

In fact, it's even worse when it seeps into their drama output. AT least their news coverage has to vaguely acknowledge reality. Once they're meant to be producing fiction, all bets are off.