Friday, December 10, 2010

Why our country is going to rack and ruin (2)

It's obvious from this story that incompetence and stupidity in authority is not limited to our parliamentarians.

It makes me wonder how people utterly lacking in basic common sense ever managed to get to such positions of authority - as well as wondering how much they get paid for doing a job that they are clearly incapable of managing.

Unfortunately, it does not surprise me in the least. I've no doubt that they have all got impeccable records for promoting "diversity and equality in the workplace" and have perfect attendance records on all the politically correct training courses and that, unfortunately, is what qualifies you for a position in authority these days while actually knowing what you are doing seems to be a "nice to have", but not essential.

When you realise that we are governed by people who openly invite foreigners to peruse our most sensitive secrets, who have turned over control of our laws and regulation to unelected foreign bureaucrats with a barely disguised distrust and hatred of our nation and that our national infrastructure is managed by people lacking the basic intelligence to foresee that de-icing trains might be needed when it is very cold ... well, it's no wonder the country is falling apart.


opsimath said...

If someone floated this as an idea for a sitcom, they would be told it was too ridiculous a premise - but then, what's new?

ps. I hope Mrs Stan is feeling much better and even looking forward to Christmas - give her my best wishes - and you too.

Larry said...

Hi Stan,

I'd like to echo opsimath's sentiments. Yours is my favourite blog out there at the moment, and I suffered from withdrawal symptoms when you went away for a bit.

I'd love to read your thoughts on the behaviour of the protesters yesterday. Is there a request box? ;)

Stan said...

Thanks, opsimath.

and thanks too, Larry - my thoughts on the "student protestors" are not that different from the post I made the first time they went on a rampage.

Whatever case they had they have ruined by their wanton disregard for law and order. Now my opinion is that tertiary education SHOULD be made as elitist as possible to prevent scum like that ever getting near a university.

Larry said...

I knew you'd share my view on the affair 100%.

What I find unbelievable is how indoctrinated these marxist-student-types are, with their cries of Tory scum. It was Labour which introduced tuition fees, Labour which devalued education by dumbing it down, Labour which saturated the country with immigrants making it less likely for British students to get jobs.

I'm not a Tory fan nowadays but I'll defend them against unfair criticism.

TheFatBigot said...

I hadn't read about the de-icing trains before. It really does beggar belief. I can see they would want the servicing to be done close to the time the trains are likely to be needed rather than in June when they might suffer difficulties through months of inactivity, but November is absurd.

I also add my very best wishes to you, Mrs Stan and the whole Stan clan for the festive season. I've enjoyed your writing for a long time and hope to do so for many more years.

Stan said...

All true Larry - but don't forget it was Maggie Thatcher who ruined our further education system by shifting the burden of cost from businesses onto the student and the taxpayer.

Thanks, FB - I'm glad you enjoy my writing though I have to admit I have no idea why. I don't have a very high opinion of it myself, but I do like to have my say when I can. I'm delighted that some people enjoy it and take time to read it, though.

I'd love to give you a progress report on Mrs Stan, but the truth is that I have absolutely no idea how she is. She decided to go travelling with a friend from work back in September and I haven't heard from her in over a month. We had a post card from Thailand back in October, but nothing since.